Deerfield Beach Laminate

Why Deerfield Beach, FL Homeowners Should Choose Laminate Floors

Modern laminate flooring. It looks like hardwood. It’s inspired by hardwood. So, why not just buy hardwood floors? You certainly could, but laminate floors have a long list of benefits you may not be aware of.

Let’s start with durability. Laminate floors are considerably more durable than hardwood floors, which is susceptible to scratching and moisture damage. If you have pets or young children in the house, you may not have the time to maintain expensive hardwood floors. With laminate floors, there’s less worry when it comes to wear and tear. With different textures to choose from, low-gloss finishes and a heavy-duty wear layer, laminate is highly resistant to stains and spills. Laminate floors are also dent and fade resistant.

Laminate Flooring Is Versatile And Budget-friendly

Versatility is a hallmark of laminate floors. Manufacturer design teams can mimic the look of any number of natural hardwoods, just by snapping the perfect picture and transferring it to the floor. They can also simulate natural textures and patterns, creating a look so natural no one will ever know the difference. In fact, some laminate floors are so realistic looking, you won’t know they’re not hardwood until you bend down to touch them.

Laminate flooring is considerably more cost-effective than hardwood or even luxury vinyl flooring, and yet its authentic, inspired-by-nature look makes it nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. If you want the hardwood look on a budget, waterproof laminate floors are the perfect pick for you.

Lastly, if you’re a DIY type, laminate floors are the ideal material for you. Most laminate floors are floating which means they have a snap together mechanism to install and no glue is needed. Of course, there’s more to it than that. The vast majority of Quantum Floors clients opt for our professional installation services as we are licensed and insured in all south Florida counties.


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Considerations For Installing Laminate Floors For Deerfield Beach, FL Residents

  • Texture – Laminate floors can look like real wood or even tile. For a more realistic wood appearance, the surface can be hand-scraped, distressed, and covered with authentic-looking knots and wormholes. And you can get laminate that looks like anything from polished marble to timeworn slate.
  • Finish – Laminate floors are prefinished and available with glossy or matte coatings. Many offer textured finishes as well as marks and knots, just like you’d find in hardwood floors.
  • Shape – Laminate floors come in planks that mimic the look of hardwood, or squares that look like tile. They can be laid in a variety of patterns and some manufacturers even make chevron or herringbone laminate floors. Like hardwood floor planks, you’ll find the planks to be available in many different widths and lengths.
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance – Laminate floors are low maintenance. Sweep or vacuum regularly to keep free of dirt and sand which can scratch the surface over time.
  • Underlayment – When installing laminate floors, an underlayment is required. The laminate floor underlayment will act as a moisture barrier between the laminate planks and your subfloor. In addition, it provides some sound proofing qualities which your downstairs neighbors will appreciate and will likely be required if you live in a Deerfield Beach, FL or nearby condominium.
  • Made in the USA – The vast majority of the laminate floors you’ll find at Quantum Floors are made in the USA.

Deerfield Beach, FL Residents Want To Know If Laminate Floors Are Waterproof?

Great news! The laminate floors Deerfield Beach, FL residents love are now even better. There is now both waterproof and water-resistant laminate flooring. While they sound like they’re the same flooring, there’s actually a difference between waterproof and water-resistant and we’re here to help you understand each one.

Waterproof and water-resistant laminate floors are made like traditional laminate flooring, but with a slight difference in the core layer. The core layer, typically made of compressed high density fiberboard, is where the most waterproof and water-resistant qualities live. Additionally, there is still a major difference between the two.

Waterproof laminate means that the water won’t be able to penetrate the flooring, no matter how much time as passed. Water-resistant laminate typically means that there is a top surface that is highly resistant to moisture. So, if you can’t get to a spill right away, the water-resistance will help you buy some time before it soaks through – but it will soak in eventually.

At Quantum Floors, we recommend waterproof laminate floors such as RevWood Plus/Premier, Quick-Step and Pergo Elements. A point we can’t stress enough is that water-resistant and waterproof do not mean floodproof. There is no such thing as a floodproof floor.

Deerfield Beach Laminate available in Boynton Beach, FL from Quantum Floors

Speak To The Laminate Flooring Experts Near Deerfield Beach, FL

Quantum Floors Coconut Creek showroom serves homeowners from Deerfield Beach, Pompano Beach, Lighthouse Point, Hillsborough Beach and all the surrounding areas. When you visit our state-of-the-art showroom, you’ll find very large laminate floor samples (hardwood and luxury vinyl too) displayed in a most unique way. We encourage you to borrow these samples to take home and see how the laminate flooring looks with your décor, paint color and lighting.

Quantum Floors offers Deerfield Beach, FL residents full-service. Our team of flooring experts help your vision come to life from start to finish! That means you don’t need to worry about managing your project with different companies and worrying about making it all work. Our installation teams are licensed and insured in all south Florida counties and have received nearly 700 verified, 5-star reviews. We never use third-parties or subcontractors.