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Why Do Delray Beach, FL Homeowners Love Hardwood Floors?

Nothing beats the look of hardwood floors. They add instant beauty, warmth and timelessness to your Delray Beach, FL house, condominium or apartment. Living in Florida, you may not think of installing wood floors in your home. More and more, we are seeing homeowners across the area, from Delray Beach, Villages of Oriole, Kings Point and Golf, opting for hardwood floors in their homes.

Wood Floors Add Value To Your Delray Beach, FL Home

A huge benefit of installing hardwood floors is that they are a long-term investment that will hold their value overtime. Those in the real estate industry will tell you that installing hardwood or engineered hardwood floors increase resale value and return on investment. Delray Beach, FL homes for sale with hardwood floors typically sell much faster than home with other types of flooring. Likewise, hardwood is very durable, long lasting, and can be refinished over time.

A high-quality engineered wood floor is ideal for the Florida climate and style of home building. Engineered wood has real hardwood as the top layer and high-quality plywood. It’s designed to deflect moisture levels, which makes it a great choice for the tropical climate in south Florida.

Quantum Floors Carries A Huge Selection Of Wood Floors

When you visit our website, you’ll find dozens and dozens of hardwood floors to choose from. Our showrooms, including our Boynton Beach location, have an even larger hardwood floor selection than we display online. Our Boynton Beach hardwood flooring showroom is located at 1034 Gateway Blvd.


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Delray Beach, FL Homeowners Want Flooring That’s Comfortable To Walk On

Hardwood floors feel warm under your feet. They are not like carpet and won’t give you a feeling of excess heat. Additionally, they’re clearly not as cold as stone, tile or concrete floors. This gives an incredible balance.

Wood floors are a good sound insulator. Engineered hardwood or solid hardwood floors come with this advantage. Whether it is children, pets or music, sound will be absorbed. Keep in mind that hardwood flooring should be installed by experts because when installed improperly, there can be problems with squeaks and other issues.

Benefits Of Hardwood Floors For Delray Beach, FL

Your Delray Beach, FL home will sell faster and for more money when hardwood floors are installed. In fact, home buyers often have hardwood floors a t the top of their wish list when home shopping.

  • Quality hardwood floors will last a lifetime; they are extremely durable
  • Ease of maintenance and cleaning is a big benefit of wood floors
  • Hardwood floors contribute to healthy indoor air quality
  • Hardwood floors are great for Delray Beach, FL resident with allergies and asthma
  • Aesthetics, aesthetics, aesthetics. Hardwood floors will bring a timeless look to your home
  • Both solid hardwood and engineered hardwood flooring are green.

Delray Beach Hardwood available in Boynton Beach, FL from Quantum Floors

Why Do Homeowners In Delray Beach, FL Choose Quantum Floors?

We are dedicated to customer satisfaction, and we understand that every space is unique. Whether it be residential or commercial, we can install hardwood flooring that will make an impact! Residents of Delray Beach, FL love the fact that our installation teams are our employees. That means no third-parties or subcontractors. We eliminate the finger pointing that can happen among manufacturers, installers and the sellers of the hardwood floors. We have installed hardwood floors in Delray Beach, Golf, High Point, Kings Point, Boca Raton, Briny Breezes and all of the surrounding areas. We handle the entire project including measuring and evaluating your floors, installation, obtaining necessary permits and dealing with any HOA requirements like soundproofing. Our showrooms and installation teams are the recipients of nearly 700 verified, 5-star reviews and were named the Best Flooring Store by in 2022.