Victoria Park Luxury Vinyl

Are Luxury Vinyl Floors Popular In Victoria Park, FL?

Waterproof luxury vinyl floors are popular in Victoria Park, FL. While hardwood floors may be installed in more Victoria Park, FL homes than other flooring types, there are some rooms you shouldn’t trust to a non-waterproof floor, such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and rooms located just off your pool.

Luxury vinyl floors are 100% waterproof and frankly, look fantastic. Advances in technology have given luxury vinyl flooring manufacturers the ability to accurately replicate the look of hardwood. Don’t take our word for it; stop into our showroom in Oakland Park and see for yourself. We’ll even let you borrow our samples to take home.

What Advantages Will Victoria Park, FL Homeowners Get From Luxury Vinyl Floors?

Compared to almost all other types of flooring, luxury vinyl planks may be the most affordable. Bear in mind that as the price rises, so does the quality of the flooring. Beware of cheap luxury vinyl flooring as they are thin, noisy to walk on and don’t have a long-life span.

As we mentioned, luxury vinyl floors are 100% waterproof but there are many other benefits to this type of flooring. You’ll find luxury vinyl floors to be very easy to clean and maintain. A damp mop is generally all that’s needed.

Quality luxury vinyl floors are made to be lived on. They don’t scratch, dent or stain easily, which makes it perfect for Victoria Park, FL families with children and pets. The durability of luxury vinyl planks allows you to install it in virtually any room in your home. Visuals. Visuals. Visuals. Even the flooring pros at Quantum Floors are impressed by the realistic wood-look qualities of higher-end luxury vinyl floors.


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Misconceptions About Luxury Vinyl Flooring

We often have clients from Victoria Park, FL tell us they feel luxury vinyl floors are dated and not very realistic looking. We typically tell them that luxury vinyl has come a long way om the past decade and them hand them a luxury vinyl plank so they can see and feel how realistic they are today.

Others tell us luxury vinyl floors are thin and cheap. Like any other type of flooring, not all luxury vinyl planks are created equal. There are some bargain friendly brands that won’t stand the test of time, but all of the vinyl planks that Quantum Floors offers are waterproof, extremely durable and resistant to stains, scratches and general wear and tear.

Another misconception we hear is that luxury vinyl flooring will eventually lose its design and luster. Many Victoria Park, FL homeowners think that luxury vinyl plank flooring comes with a risk of walk-off, which is the idea that after years of use, the design wears off the vinyl. Today’s luxury vinyl planks are made with a protective wear layer and a topcoat that helps keep the floor beautiful for a lifetime. Of course, if you want a quality luxury vinyl floor, you’re going to want one that’s thick and with a superior wear layer. The flooring experts in our showroom will be happy to go over these vital details with you.

Victoria Park Luxury Vinyl available in Boynton Beach, FL from Quantum Floors

Get A Luxury Vinyl Flooring Education At Quantum Floors

When you visit our showroom in Oakland Park, you’ll find knowledgeable flooring professionals at your disposal. We pride ourselves on really learning about your needs before we recommend a thing. Flooring will be with you for years, decades even, so we need to make sure we get it right.

We’ll give you the good and the bad qualities of luxury vinyl flooring. We’ll do comparisons to waterproof laminate flooring so you have the luxury of comparison. Want to learn more about luxury vinyl flooring before you visit our showroom? We got you covered. Our website is full of information on all things flooring. Here are some resources for you.

Whether you live in Victoria Park, FL, Las Olas Isles, Seven Isles, Harbor Beach, Lauderdale Harbors or any of the surrounding areas, Quantum Floors in Oakland Park, FL has you covered. If you live further away, we have 4 additional South Florida showrooms in Stuart, Palm Beach Gardens, Coconut Creek and Boynton Beach.