5 Advantages of Engineered Wood Floor That You Should Know

Solid Hardwood
Solid hardwood floors have for a long time been known for their durability and ability to transform just about any interior.?

Simply put, engineered wood floors are an advanced version of solid wood floors.

These are very important items residents in the Boynton Beach area should know.

Solid Hardwood vs. Engineered wood Flooring

Solid hardwood floor is derived from a single three-quarter inch thick piece of hardwood. While they are gorgeous and quite fulfilling, they tend to expand or contact as humidity within the home changes. For this reason, installers often leave a gap between the floor and the wall to accommodate this kind of movement and use base molding or quarter rounds to hide such gaps.

Engineered wood floors have between three and five layers of hardwood, each layer stacked in a cross grain style and the different pieces bonded together under controlled pressure and heat. This leaves engineered hardwood floors impressively strong and therefore not very much affected by changes in humidity.
Advantages of engineered hardwood floors

There are five known benefits of engineered wood floors. These are:

1.The material is more or less just like solid hardwood in appearance ? homeowners who install hardwood floors are more than anything attracted by the refreshing looks of wooden floors. That being the case, you?ll find engineered hardwood floors even better because even after the ?engineering?, the wood usually retains the same inviting looks.

2.Engineered wood floors can be installed at any level in the house ? unlike solid wood which is affected so much by humidity and can?t therefore be installed on underground floors, the effects of humidity on engineered wood floors is minimal. Engineered wood can therefore be installed at any level in the house.

3.The floors come in a variety of styles, shape, and sizes ? this gives you and your floor installer a lot of freedom. If you have special preferences, you?ll get just that.

4.They can be installed over a number of subfloors ? engineered wood floors can be stapled, nailed, glued onto, or floated over among others ceramic tiles and vinyl subfloors.

5.Engineered wood floors are generally cheaper than solid wood floors.

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