5 Ways to Clean Vinyl Floors

Being waterproof and easy to clean, vinyl flooring is used in bathrooms and kitchens today. Every floor should be cleaned every day and vinyl is no exception, here are some tips to clean you vinyl floor:

1.Sweep: Sweeping is an important step in increasing the longevity of your vinyl floor, since it removes the dirt and dust which act like abrasive (substance that takes then sheen away from the vinyl flooring). You can use anything from a broom to a vacuum cleaner to take the dust away.

2.DIY cleaner: If commercial cleaners are something you do not prefer, then you can easily create your own vinegar solution to wash your vinyl floor every day. Just mix a cup of apple cider vinegar and around 3.5-4 liters of hot water, dip your mop into it and you can clean your floor with it.

3.Remove spills instantly: Be it your morning coffee, a glass of water, or any other spill-able substance, if you have accidently spilled something on your vinyl flooring, cleaning it up immediately is advised. This is because sugary drinks or even water stains become hard to remove once they have dried, but removing them immediately is easy and keep your floor looking shiny and new.

4.Commercial cleanser: If you are okay with commercial cleansers, then there are specifically the ones made for vinyl flooring. However you need to make sure that you use a no-wax vinyl cleanser that was made for modern flooring that doesn?t have a waxed surface. If you do have older vinyl flooring that makes use of a waxed surface, then you can opt for wax vinyl cleanser.?

5.Alcohol: Using alcohol for removing stains from makeup and other pigmented items is an effective way to keep your vinyl floor clean.?