Benefits of Dark Colored Hardwood Flooring

Benefits of Dark Colored Hardwood Flooring

There are a wide range of benefits that dark wood flooring has to offer, whether you?re looking for style, functionality, or something in between. Species such as walnut, dark oak, and acacia are guaranteed to elevate your interior space, bringing their unique characteristics to your home.

Still not convinced? We?re sure we can change your mind! Here are 3 reasons why we love dark wood flooring.

Hides Dirt and Damage
We all know that it?s important to keep your home clean and tidy. Unfortunately, life can be too busy for homeowners to keep up with their daily chores. Thankfully, dark wood flooring can help keep your home looking fresh.

The dark hues are great at hiding the build-up of dust and debris. This can save your countless hours of sweeping and vacuuming. Additionally, the darker coloration masks scratches, stains, and scuffs too. This is great news for anyone who isn?t looking to make costly repairs any time soon.

Brings Proportion to Larger Spaces
We?ve all had that dream of extending our home, or finding more space for storage and living. The problem is, when homeowners are confronted with a large area, their interior d?cor can look sparse or empty. This makes the space look impersonal and cold, rather than comfortable or homely.

Clearly, this isn?t ideal. If you are having this issue, dark flooring can help bring proportion to your interior space. Because dark woods absorb more light than other color variations, the room feels more enclosed, without becoming claustrophobic. This works especially well with minimalist designs and interior d?cor. The muted tones help to bring continuity to the pieces within the room, improving the flow of the space.

Less Prone to Fading
When you?re paying huge costs for new flooring, you?ve got to feel certain that it?s built to last. With engineered wood, you?re already guaranteed a long lifespan. However, the amount of natural light your boards are exposed to can drastically alter the appearance of the finish.

We?ve already discussed how dark wood flooring uses the absorption of light to its advantage. Lighter finishes are more prone to looking washed out over time, requiring sanding quicker than darker boards. Conversely, dark wood will actually fade less, giving you more value for money.

Whether you like darker colored wood or some other color, you?ll find hundreds of selections in our online catalog and even more selections in our showrooms. At Quantum Floors we don't just cover floors, we cover details. From concept to installation, you've got our ear and we've got your back.