Collection Spotlight: Republic Floors Malta Islands Laminate Flooring

Collection Spotlight: Republic Floors Malta Islands Laminate Flooring

Quantum Floors recently took on several of Republic?s laminate lines including Malta Islands. Malta Islands is embossed with real wood grain texture to bring the joy of nature into every room. Malta Islands offers one of the most realistic wood-looks we?ve seen in a while. The collection features wonderfully wide 7.5-inch planks.

Their advanced Triple Moisture Protection technology and uncompromising manufacturing standards make Republic?s laminate floors more robust and water resistant than most laminate floors in the world. They are practically impervious to water spills for up to 10 hours.

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Republic Floors Malta Islands Specifications:

?Waterproof laminate
?Triple Moisture Protection
?Wide 7.5-inch planks
?48-inch long planks
?12mm thick
?AC4 rating
?25-year warranty

Triple Moisture Protection

The secret of Triple Moisture Protection lies in the special technological breakthrough Republic made in moisture sealing and the quality of materials used to make the floors to begin with.

Republic Floors combine three layers of protection to achieve its peerless level of quality.
First, all Republic floors are manufactured using a super-high-quality HDF (high density fiberboard) core that boast a previously unheard-off swelling rate of just 2% to 4% - compared to the industry standard of 8% to 10%!

Secondly, a super-durable, high quality balancing paper is used to offer all Republic floors protection from below. No floor anywhere uses a balancing paper of such quality.

Ultimately, Republic Floors uses that highest quality hot wax that is applied to both tongue and grove that completely seals the H.D.F core to levels previously unknown in the industry. You can actually feel the difference in the quality of the wax used by running your fingernail along the grooves.

Each and every plank and panel of a Republic floor is constructed and sealed individually. It is this combination of technology, quality raw materials, and uncompromising manufacturing standards that make any Republic floor far more durable and water resistant than most floors manufactured by anyone, anywhere in the world.

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