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Flooring Trends to Watch in 2021

From wide planks to distressed planks and minimalist gray tones, get a jump-start on the flooring trends sure to be popular in 2021. Here are five designer-approved looks to put on your radar.

Wide Plank Flooring

Wide plank flooring?remains very popular, and trends are pushing toward even wider plank floors, with floor boards at a foot wide or even broader. Wide planks lend authenticity to many different styles. Along with wider plank hardwoods, longer length material is becoming more the norm.

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European White Oak

White Oak?has taken on a renaissance among hardwood flooring options. Oak is the staple of the lumber industry, but what makes European White Oak appealing is the way it is cut from the log. The result is a wider plank with a striking plain sawn look near the center and unique grain pattern.

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Greige Hardwood Flooring

We?ve seen very high interest in greige?(beige and grey) wood floors increase over the past couple of years and they will remain on trend in 2021. Greige wood flooring provides a unique style that fits well in modern homes as an alternative to more traditional natural-color wood flooring.

Distressed Plank Flooring

Distressed wood planks
?have many appealing qualities. Often eco-friendly, they make an ideal fit with both modern and traditional d?cor adding a timeless and elegant appeal to a space.

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Hardwood Floors with Varying Widths

Choosing boards with varying widths gives the floor a fresh, one-of-a-kind look. The varying widths harken back to historic homes, built when one made use of every part of the tree.

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