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Hardwood Flooring for Smaller Spaces

Searching for what makes hardwood flooring perfect for a small space? Well, the ideal flooring for small spaces usually meets several key requirements. Let?s take a look.

Narrow Widths: In smaller spaces, it is important to get the most out of your room ? visually and physically. In terms of visual appearances, hardwood floors with narrower widths can make spaces seem larger. However, it should be mentioned that this is not the case for all scenarios, so apply this recommendation in light of what you already know about your space.

Hardwood flooring in South Florida from Quantum Floors

Lighter Shades: Small spaces without an abundance of light typically appear much smaller than their more luminescent counterparts. So, how do you avoid making a small room feel smaller? Well, there are two main ways to create this space-increasing illusion.

Flooring in paler tones can make small spaces feel much larger by adding an open and airy ambiance as well as reflecting light back into the room. If you have a small space, consider a lighter colored floor. If you prefer darker flooring, another way to make a small space appear larger is by pairing it with light accents such as white walls, neutral decor, or lots of light!

Hardwood flooring in South Florida from Quantum Floors

Plank Direction: If you are looking for another simple way to visually expand your room, you should consider what direction your flooring is laid. By placing flooring planks in the same direction as the longest part of the room, you are guiding the eye into believing that there is far more space. No matter the room size, make sure you discuss this with your flooring installers before they begin.

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