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How Do Hardwood Floors Give Back?

Sometimes the holidays are about giving back, and no one knows that better than nine year-old Griffen Davis of Palm Beach Gardens. He heard about a toy drive, recognized the need, established a lemonade and cookie stand to raise money, took in $150, bought toys, and then promptly donated them.

www.wptv.com by Andrew Lofholm.

We can all take a lesson from this kid. Sometimes we automatically shut the mind?s door, because we just focus on not having something, as opposed to figuring out how to get it. Or we just state emphatically that ?there?s no way something like this can give back.?

So if you?ve been wanting hardwood floors, but are hesitant to buy them, the experts at Quantum Floors in West Palm Beach will tell you how they give back.

1. Hardwood floors increase the resale value of your home. The National Wood Association surveyed realtors, and was told by 99 percent of them that buyers would pay more, sometimes by as much as 10 percent. Think about it: If your house is on the market for $200,000, but it actually sells for $220,000, and if you just spent $10,000 on floors, you still made a profit of $10,000. By the way, that figure works whether you have solid or engineered hardwood floors.
2. They last forever. That means no replacement cost. If they are maintained properly, we?ve heard of hardwood floors that last for decades. Scratches are often in the finish, so that would mean you only need a simple refinishing. If you have dents or stains, it is a more complete refinishing, but it?s still not a replacement that?s needed. Prevention is always better than treatment, so protect them by placing mats or area rugs near entrances, so people don?t drag sand or dirt inside on the soles of their shoes (the particles can scratch). Also, sweep regularly, avoid wearing high heels on them (they can cause dents) and wipe spills immediately. If you vacuum, turn off beater bars, so the floors don?t get a pounding. Avoid excess water; mops should be barely damp, because water can warp hardwood floors. If you have pets, keep their nails trimmed!
3. They add beauty and elegance to any home, whether it?s traditional or modern--but you already know this!

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