In House Installers vs Subcontractors

In House Installers vs Subcontractors

Any company can install flooring. Based on a market survey of local flooring installation reviews, not all companies do it well. The average flooring buyer spends about 11 hours researching their new floors and less than an hour researching their installers. How can a flooring buyer assure they're hiring the most qualified installers?

In-House Installers
One of the major benefits for choosing Quantum Floors is that our installers work for us. They are not subcontractors or third parties. This is a huge benefit to customers. Let's explore why.?

Consistency & Quality Control
When flooring installers are employees, Quantum Floors can ensure that they are properly trained and have the necessary skills to perform the work to the highest standards. We can also provide ongoing training and support to improve the quality of their work. In addition,?they become part of our company culture and share the same values and work ethic. This translates to a consistent level of quality in their work, which is crucial for maintaining our reputation.

Increased Accountability
With subcontractors or third parties, it can be challenging to hold them accountable for their work. They may not feel as invested in the success of the project as employees would. On the other hand, employees are more likely to take responsibility for their work and be accountable for any mistakes.?When flooring installers are on payroll, they are accountable to the company. This means that they are less likely to cut corners.

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Better Scheduling
When flooring installers are employees, the business can better manage their schedules and ensure that they have enough installers available to complete projects on time. With subcontractors or third parties, scheduling is always more challenging as their availability may be limited.?

Better Communication
Having flooring installers on payroll also ensures better communication between the company and the installers. This is because they are part of the same team, and can collaborate more effectively on projects. This can help to avoid misunderstandings and mistakes, and can lead to more successful projects overall. As we all know, great communication is a major ingredient in any home improvement project.?

No matter how good flooring installers are, unforeseen problems can arise during installation. By having installers as our own employees, it offers us the flexibility to, for example, add more manpower to a job and stay on schedule.?

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Cost Savings
While it may seem counterintuitive, having flooring installers as employees can potentially save you money in the long run. Subcontractors or third parties often charge higher rates to cover their overhead costs, such as insurance (be careful, many subcontractors are not licensed and insured) and equipment. By having employees on payroll, the business can better control these costs and pass the savings on to their customers.?

It's All About the?Results
Overall, having flooring installers on payroll can provide many benefits to a customer, including better quality, reliability, accountability, cost-effectiveness, and communication.?

Quantum Floors is your family-owned connection in south Florida to the greatest values in hardwood, waterproof laminate and luxury vinyl floors. We are licensed and insured in all south Florida counties. Our sales and installation teams have received nearly 800 verified, 5-star reviews and we maintain an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. In 2022, we were named Best Flooring Store?by