There’s a tremendous sense of pride for a South Florida homeowner when it comes to successfully completing a home improvement project. In addition to the huge sense of accomplishment, chances are you padded your home improvement budget by saving a valuable amount of money on labor. This rings especially true if you are looking at a new flooring project and feel confident in handling it yourself instead of scheduling professional installation.

Flooring is a large project and can be expensive, so it becomes imperative to weigh the pros and cons of a do-it-yourself (DIY) project. Should I install my own floors or should a professional? As you consider your answer, here’s a few aspects to factor in:

  • Can you get a professional look on your own?
  • How much time will it take to install the flooring?
  • How much money will you save if you do it yourself?
  • Can you handle a damaged or uneven subfloor?
  • Are you skilled in measuring and cutting angles?

There are many reasons to hire a flooring professional instead of attempting installation as a DIY job.

There are many reasons to hire a flooring professional instead of attempting installation as a DIY job.

Removal of Old Flooring Material

What a mess! Your old flooring will need to be removed prior to installing your new floor. Most cities and condominiums require this material to be disposed at a dump. Of course, there are associated fees. When removing your old flooring, you must be careful not to damage the subfloor. A damaged subfloor is a recipe for a failed flooring installation.

Accurate Measuring

The installation of flooring entails extremely precise measurements, cutting, and properly matching complex patterns, angles, shapes and designs into a finished floor. The more complicated the pattern, the more difficult it will be. If you have stairs, it complicates the installation that much more. It will also require specialized tools the average person doesn’t have and they can be expensive to purchase or rent.


Depending upon the type of flooring that’s being installed, flooring professionals can have the task completed in as little as a day or two. Even a relatively simple installation can take three or four times longer when attempted as a DIY project. As most DIYers have limited time to work on their projects, do you want to live with ripped up floors for several weeks?


The professionals install flooring on a regular basis and know the tricks and techniques for a perfect installation. While it’s possible for homeowners to install flooring on their own, mistakes can be extremely costly. Many DIYers eventually end up calling a professional to perform the installation and fix the mistakes and damage that occurred. That often leads to the project costing more than if you had hired a professional from the beginning.

The installation of flooring entails extremely precise measurements, cutting, and more

Other Factors to Consider

There are dozens of details that flooring installation professionals account for. Failure to take these into account is a recipe for disaster. Important details such as a level subfloor, moisture barriers, sound dampening underlayments (required by many condominiums), setting materials, baseboards, transitions, cutting the flooring around doors and thresholds and many others. Installing flooring is much more complicated than most individuals anticipate and hiring a professional saves time, money, and stress, while ensuring the flooring is picture perfect.

Quantum Professional Installation

At Quantum Floors, we understand that when you pay for professional services, you expect professional results. It’s why we take the utmost pride in delivering an unparalleled shopping and installation experience from the moment you walk through our doors, with a keen eye on the quality of your flooring and the craftsmanship that goes into its installation. We’ll treat your home like we treat our home. With locations all across South Florida, the service and expertise you need for your next flooring project are just around the corner.

We’re also homeowners so we understand how stressful a remodel can be. We install flooring in approximately 1,500 homes and businesses every year. All of our skilled installers are in-house and have been with Quantum Floors for years. Combined with our high-level of quality control in selecting the products we offer; you can be assured of a perfect installation. Every time.