Should You Install the Same Flooring Throughout Your Home?

Should You Install the Same Flooring Throughout Your Home?

With so many flooring choices and not enough time to research them all, many homeowners feel overwhelmed. Do you use the same flooring all over your home or go for different options?

Whether you are buying a new home or redecorating, this is a very important consideration. Our quick answer is yes, although bathrooms may be better served with a different flooring type. Using the same type of flooring throughout ties different rooms together, improves flow, makes the home seem larger, simplifies cleaning and maintenance, and is often easier on the budget. If you feel you must use different flooring, we recommend limiting it to two types.

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The Pros?

The benefits to installing the same flooring throughout your home are numerous, especially with today?s open floor plans. It presents an appearance of wide-open space and airiness. Furthermore, it also unifies the design scheme of your home and gives your home a visually pleasing look.

Care and maintenance of your flooring becomes much easier. With fewer types of surfaces to clean, there is no need to switch from vacuum cleaners to mops as you clean. You?ll also save money by not having to buy so many different cleaning products.

Another amazing benefit of using the same flooring throughout the house is that it helps in eliminating tripping hazards as compared to other options such as room carpets and kitchen tiles.

When you use the same flooring throughout your home, it also avoids having mismatched spaces that have an ill-fitting appearance. If you have hardwood in one room and laminate in another, the two flooring types are unique enough to look odd next to each other.

Having the same type of flooring in all your rooms will make your house feel more comfortable and cohesive. One caveat, don?t forget to choose light colors if you are planning to use one color for the entire house. The reason is that dark colors make your house look congested. A medium to light tone is perfect as it will make your house bright and beautiful.

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The Cons?

Different types of flooring may be seen as an advantage by people who would like to have something that other homes don?t. This variety will not only be felt visually but would also help determine what kind of furniture would fit each room?s specific type of floor.

Using the same flooring throughout the house also comes with the assumption that all the rooms have the same function and the occupants share the same interest in a specific type of flooring.

Replacing broken flooring material could be challenging, potentially making it more expensive to fix. When flooring is different across rooms, it is easier to repair, patch, or replace, whilst not burning a hole in the pocket trying to retain uniform flooring throughout.

Flooring selection is a personal choice and often hinges on function, aesthetics, and budget. Using common flooring throughout a home has many benefits. However, there are solid reasons why some rooms may need a different flooring.

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