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West Palm Beach Has Few Empty Nests of Parents

It is not uncommon anywhere in the US to find adult children living with their parents. Florida seems to be the leader in this issue, and the Palm Beach area is tops within the state. While a lot of people have made fun of this, there is often an underlying issue behind why this is happening. According to the article, Miami-Ft Lauderdale-West Palm Beach as about 44.8% of millennial adults living with parents. The main reason is rent prices vs. income with national rents averaging about $960, and rents in Palm Beach being about $1200 a month, and incomes in our area averaging $1875. You can do the math in your head.

Here is the first part of this interesting story:

?Florida has the least empty nests in the country & our area is at the top of the list for adults living with their parents: Bottom Line: On one hand we'd expect South Florida to have more adult children living at home due to the higher cost of living. On another hand SFL isn't anywhere near the most expensive metro in the country (we look downright affordable compared to metros like San Francisco and New York).?


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