A Dog Owner?s Guide to Flooring

A Dog Owner?s Guide to Flooring

Whether you?re in the market for a new home or working on renovating your current one, choosing the right pet-friendly flooring as a pet owner requires some important considerations. Finding flooring that both suits your personal style and accommodates your animals might seem like a challenge, but there are plenty of options that will work for everyone.

If you?re wondering how to choose new flooring that aligns with your style and can also withstand the wear and tear that comes with owning dogs, read on to learn the best options to best suit you and your dog?s needs.

What Pet Owners Should Consider When Choosing New Flooring

It?s entirely possible to find floors that support the lifestyle of your dog while still retaining their beauty ? you just need to know what to look for. The best option will ultimately depend on the kind of dog you have but there are a few main considerations to keep in mind.

Scratch resistance

Dogs can do a lot of damage with their nails, so scratch resistance is an important factor to look out for when comparing different floor materials.

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Water and stain resistance

If your pup isn?t potty trained or is more prone to accidents and spills, finding floors that won?t easily ruin or stain will keep them looking pristine for the long haul.


Choosing floors that aren?t a hassle to maintain will make your life easier as a dog owner.

Comfort and traction

If you?re like most dog owners, you want your pets to be comfortable and safe. Different floor types offer varying levels of comfort and traction for your dogs.

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Your floors are a significant part of your home, and it?s important to find an option that will provide a good return on your investment while still meeting the needs of your budget.

Keeping these factors in mind will help you narrow down all the flooring options you have to choose from. Once you know what to look for, read on to compare some of the best dog-friendly flooring options and decide on a floor type that works best for both you and your dog.

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