An Important Tip About Hardwood Floors Jupiter Residents Need To Know

At Quantum Floors, we want you to know the important aspects of hardwood flooring that Jupiter, FL homeowners and business owners need to know before they buy their new flooring systems. While there are many tips we can share with you, there is one very important tip that all consumers in this area of Florida need to know when they are considering new hardwood flooring. And this tip is about moisture.

In the past, consumers only had one option when it came to hardwood flooring, and that option was solid hardwood. Solid hardwood flooring is exactly as it sounds. The planks are made of various hardwood species, cut into planks, and nailed down to the sub-floor. The planks do not have any type of layer at all. They are solid wood from the top of the plank to the bottom.
Solid hardwood flooring is great for those who want a traditional flooring system, but solid hardwood flooring has one major drawback. If the planks absorb too much moisture, they will begin to warp, crack, or buckle. A moisture barrier installed between the sub-floor and the planks can help a great deal to prevent these problems, but even humid air can cause solid hardwood problems. In other words, high humidity can affect the solid hardwood flooring Jupiter FL residents have installed in their homes or businesses.

Because of these possible problems with solid hardwood, it is very important that consumers get the best advice from flooring professionals before they make their purchase.

The good news is that, today, homeowners and business owners who want hardwood flooring can opt for engineered hardwood flooring. With engineered hardwood flooring, Jupiter, FL consumers can get a real hardwood flooring system that resists moisture, warping, buckling, and cracking. This is possible because of the way that engineered hardwood is constructed using layers that are specifically designed to resist moisture, including high humidity levels.

At Quantum Floors, we carry over 370 engineered hardwood flooring systems for you to choose from. These are available for both residential and commercial installations.

If you are looking the best hardwood flooring Jupiter, FL has to offer, visit one of our showrooms in Palm Beach Gardens or Boynton Beach, FL today.