Best Flooring Options for Homes with Cats

Best Flooring Options for Homes with Cats

Whether it?s claws or kitty litter, there?s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the best flooring as a cat owner, and we?re here to walk you through just a few of our recommendations to get you started. Our friendly specialists at each of our local, family-owned stores love helping fellow pet lovers pick out a flooring option that meets their specific needs, too!

Laminate Flooring

Laminate has a reputation for being a great budget-friendly alternative to hardwood but it?s so much more than that. Modern laminate floors are waterproof, highly durable and look amazing. Laminate floors are a great option for cat lovers. The fact that high-quality laminates are waterproof will ease your mind in case of pet accidents. Most importantly, laminate floors are highly scratch resistant, as much as 4X more scratch resistant than vinyl floors. Laminate floors are also highly dent and stain resistant and will not fade. The wood-look laminate floors available today do an amazing job of looking like real wood. In fact, you?re unlikely to know it?s not hardwood unless you bend down to touch it. They are also the easiest floors to clean and maintain further making them ideal for home with cats.

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Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Near the top of our list is our luxury vinyl flooring. This is near the top of our list for dog owners, too! Its versatility makes it the perfect choice for owners of all sorts of animal companions. First and foremost, luxury vinyl comes in a huge variety of styles, beautifully mirroring the look of hardwood. It?s also durable, with scratch and stain-resistant options in addition to waterproof varieties. Sweeping up fur and cleaning up the occasional hairball or two is easy with luxury vinyl flooring.

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Hardwood Floors

Whereas hardwood floors are prone to getting scratched by dogs, they can be a great option for cat owners. Like other smooth surface floors, cleaning up litter, dirt, or fur is an easy task with hardwood. You?ll definitely want to make sure your hardwood is sealed properly to better protect it from any accidents from kittens or older cats. As always, you?ll want to clean up any form of moisture as quickly as possible to avoid odors from being absorbed. Consider a more durable wood, and be sure to ask our friendly specialists which seals and finishes are best for pets!


There are many things to consider when you adopt a furry friend, and also when you choose new flooring. Ready to pick out the purrrfect flooring? Find a Quantum Floors location near you now here.

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