Big Homes in Palm Beach Gardens Going For Record Prices

It seems that the prices for large homes in the Palm Beach, FL area will continue to break records as the year moves along. We have already seen some impressive prices, but one in particular caught our eye. It was recently reported that one home sold for a price that was more than twice what it was last bought for.
?A house in Palm Beach sold for $11.55 million, more than double its $5 million sale price 18 months ago, following an extensive renovation of the property. The residence at 180 Barton Avenue Built was built in 1982 in a country French-style architectural design. The four-bedroom main residence and the two-bedroom guesthouse have a combined total of 8,000 square feet of living space, indoors and outdoors.?

Source: <a href="">Renewed Palm Beach home sells for $11.55 million</a> by Staff Writers.
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