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Custom Stair Noses at Quantum Floors

Pssst, we?want to let you in on a?dirty little secret in the flooring industry, overlap stair nosings.

You select flooring you think is perfect for your home only to then look at the matching stair noses offered by the manufacturer and disappointment sets in. There must be a better way.?

Overlap stair nosing is a ?one size fits all? approach that generally fits one or two stair nosing profiles and colors to ?coordinate? with multiple products and styles of flooring. ?This means that one color is matched to several others. ?While in theory this is a fair solution, the real-world result is an unsightly bulge at the nose of your step creating a trip hazard, and a color that is close at best.?We have a better solution for you.

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Get the Quantum Edge

Quantum Edge Molding are custom stair nosings that are created from your flooring material to ensure a 100% perfect match of both color and height! It's simple, just order additional boxes of material (laminate or luxury vinyl flooring), and let Quantum Floors do the rest. ?Our installation team will create a beautiful custom square nose profiles for you with a laser-like attention to detail.?

Another problem with laminate and luxury vinyl flooring is that if you have stairs with one or more open sides, these pre-manufactured products don?t have the sides veneered to provide a refined finish. As a result, you?ll be able to see the inner core made of fiber board or plastic, which isn?t what you want to see after spending thousands of dollars on flooring.?

The Quantum Floors Experience

Your home deserves a beautiful staircase and you deserve perfectly matched stair nosings. Our custom stair nosings are the culmination of countless?collaborations over the years with our installation teams, home builders and homeowner clients. It?s all part of the Quantum Floors Experience. We?re here to serve!?

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