Flooring Choices That Never Go Out of Style

Flooring Choices That Never Go Out of Style

Many people take weeks, even months to select new flooring. We get it, when you choose new flooring, you?re choosing something that will last for years, even decades.

You don?t want to buy passing fads or briefly trendy products that won?t stand the test of time. All the flooring we display in our showrooms have been hand selected for popular color trends that will stand the test of time and only first quality materials that we recommend and stand behind.

Rather than fads or trends, it pays to think about timeless flooring choices. This ensures you have a high-quality flooring material that you?ll be happy with for years to come.

Go Neutral

Neutral colors stand the test of time. Think back to some of the colors that were popular for a while and were never to be seen again. Think avocado-colored appliances and orange multi-colored linoleum flooring.

If you want a timeless, classic design, neutral is the way to go. If you can find it in nature, your chances of a timeless design are much better. Think whites, beiges, and browns. If you see the same color, pattern, and style running from product to product, it?s more likely to stick around.

Of course, sticking with neutral doesn?t have to be boring. In fact, quite the opposite can take place. It can set the stage for strong, powerful lines. It can make the rest of your decor pop. And because flooring is often one of the more expensive items in any remodel, selecting wisely means it will last for years or decades to come.


Hardwood flooring is the most desirable flooring option for home buyers and homeowners alike. In tropical climates like Florida, engineered hardwood is the preferred choice, as engineered hardwood will stand up to the heat and humidity without warping or cupping.

Some homeowners look at the price of hardwood and think it?s too expensive to install. We like to remind them that it increases the value of your home, makes buying your home more desirable, will last for a generation or more and can be refinished should you desire a new look or it becomes damaged.

Engineered hardwood will last for decades with proper care and maintenance. The hardwood veneer on top provides you with a timeless look, while the core structure (also made of real wood) makes it even more durable than hardwood. That gives you a flooring choice that will continue to look good throughout the years.

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40 years ago, Pergo invented laminate flooring and it?s going strong as ever today. Of course, today?s laminates are quite different than what your mother had installed. From being waterproof to antimicrobial finishes, laminate floors today are packed with the latest features. Scratch, dent, stain and fade resistant are just some of the features you?ll find today.

You can get quality laminate flooring that looks like hardwood; so much so that you?ll likely need to bend down to touch it to determine it?s not real hardwood.

Todays? laminate floors have outstanding waterproof and/or water-resistant properties and when compared to vinyl flooring, offer a much better value.

Luxury Vinyl

If you?re looking for something more cost-effective than hardwood, that still gives you long life, you can?t ignore luxury vinyl.

It still sets the standard for places where moisture is a problem, although laminate floors aren?t far behind. Bathrooms. Laundry rooms. Mudrooms. Even kitchens. Plus, there?s an added benefit today from the classic good looks.

Luxury vinyl has come a long way since your grandmother?s funky kitchen floor. Thanks to today?s technology, you?ll find luxury vinyl so closely mimicking hardwood, stone, and even tile, you may have to get down to touch it to notice the difference.

No matter what style or pattern you choose, if you make luxury vinyl your choice for timeless good looks, you won?t be disappointed.

An Educated Consumer is Our Best Customer

Quantum Floors prides itself on helping our clients make the most informed flooring decisions. After all, they?re going to be with you for years, maybe decades. Here are some online resources to get your flooring shopping started before you visit our showrooms.

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