Getting to Know Mohawk RevWood Laminate Wood Flooring

Getting to Know Mohawk RevWood Laminate Wood Flooring

RevWood flooring products, made in the USA, are manufactured by Mohawk Industries, the world?s largest flooring manufacturer. The brand is familiar to most as Mohawk has been manufacturing floor coverings for over a century.

What is RevWood Flooring?

RevWood is a hybrid hardwood flooring alternative that combines the magnificence of hardwood with amazing durability and waterproof characteristics. Some like to say it?s a cross between hardwood flooring and composite flooring while retaining the advantages and benefits of both.

Is RevWood Laminate Flooring?

The short answer is yes, but RevWood offers so much more. Put aside your memories of that laminate floor from your mother?s or grandmother?s kitchen. RevWood is one of the most durable wood flooring alternatives and all the characteristics most consumers are looking for in a new floor.

Is RevWood Real Wood?

Yes and no; it?s kind of complicated. RevWood floors have a real wood core (fast growing and renewable southern pine). A highly durable wear layer and a hi-res image layer round out the product. The image layer on RevWood products is different, it?s actually embossed, so you not only have a realistic wood look visual, you also have a real wood texture.

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Mohawk RevWood?Good, Better, Best

RevWood is offered in 3 different styles ? RevWood, RevWood Select and RevWood Plus. At the time of this writing, Mohawk has announced, but not yet shipped, a new style called RevWood Signature, which will offer all the great features and benefits of their RevWood products but will add a new technology that makes their laminate wood look even more realistic.

? This is Mohawks entry-level RevWood offering. The planks are 7mm thick and range in width from 5.25-inches to 7.5-inches and are offered in about a half-dozen collections in dozens of colors. The planks are water-resistant.

RevWood Select
? Planks in this series are 12mm thick and 7.5-inches wide. The laminate wood planks are textured for an even greater hardwood look and have Mohawk?s waterproof technology.

RevWood Plus
? Thicker, wider and longer planks are the hallmark of RevWood Plus. Of course, the real star here is its ultra-waterproof technology. Offering the most realistic look in the RevWood lines, RevWood Plus planks feature GenuEdge, beveled edges that give it a look that most closely resembles hardwood.

RevWood Benefits

There are so many benefits to installing RevWood flooding on your home and we?re going to cover as many of them as we can. Our favorite feature is the quality construction of RevWood. When you install over 1,500 floors a year, your installers know what?s good and what?s not.

RevWood floors are highly durable ? they resist scratching (RevWood is 4 times more scratch resistant than other leading laminated wood products), fading and water better than their competitors. In addition, the wood-look textures are simply gorgeous. You?ll be hard pressed to find a stronger wear layer on any floor than the urethane base mixed with an aluminum oxide finish.

RevWood Select and RevWood Plus Are Waterproof, while RevWood products are water-resistant. Mohawk backs these claims up with some of the best warranty coverage in the flooring industry ? a 10-year waterproof warranty for RevWood Select and a LIFETIME waterproof warranty for RevWood Plus.

Got pets? You?ll love Mohawk?s All Pet Protection warranty. Mohawk is so confident in their scratch-resistance and waterproof technology that they offer an All Pet Protection Warranty. This program covers things such as scratched floors and puppy accidents.

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Waterproof Technology in RevWood Select & RevWood Plus

1.Uniclic Locking System ? This click-together installation system locks together so tightly, water can?t seep between the planks.
2.Hydroseal Layer - Hydroseal is Mohawk?s patented sealant layer that prevents water from getting into and around the planks.
3.GenuEdge Technology - These beveled edges don?t just give RevWood a more realistic wood grain appearance. They also bring the Hydroseal coating around each plank?s edge, further protecting against moisture.

RevWood Plus offers such great waterproof protection, Mohawk even says you can use a wet mop or even a steam mop to clean your floors. That?s not a recommendation you?ll find in other floors.

Can I Use RevWood in All My Rooms?

Along with open floor plans, today's? homeowners favor one flooring type throughout the house. The beauty, durability and other characteristics of RevWood make it an ideal solution in any room in your home. It?s strong enough to stand up to kids and pets so feel free to use it in high traffic areas. Its waterproof characteristics make it a great choice for kitchens, mud rooms, laundry rooms and bathrooms.

Maintaining RevWood Floors

Cleaning RevWood floors is easy. Depending on which RevWood floor you have, you can pretty much use the tool of your choice ? damp mop, wet mop, steam cleaner or vacuum cleaner without a beater bar.

That said, always try to clean up spills quickly and don?t saturate your floors even when wet mopping. It?s also advised that you avoid wax, polishes, shine enhancers, and varnish.

Best Value in Flooring?

Laminate flooring does everything one needs in a modern floor. From stunning good looks, to being comfortable to walk on to being highly durable and easy to maintain, laminate floors have come a long way since Pergo was first introduced in the 1970s.

A welcome surprise to many homeowners is how budget-friendly laminate flooring is ? it is more affordable than quality hardwoods and luxury vinyl floors. Of course, you can find cheaper hardwood, laminate or vinyl flooring but none will come close to the performance or longevity of RevWood.

RevWood is an amazing product that mixes the durability of laminate and vinyl, but with the look and feel of real wood. It?s built to last with a tough wear layer and a real wood core. And if you?re worried about water damage, RevWood Select and RevWood Plus are an excellent solution.

Remember, you don?t have to go at it alone. Rather than walking into a giant box store and crossing your fingers, head over to Quantum Floors, where we pride ourselves on educating our clients to help them select the most appropriate flooring for their needs.