Getting to Know Today?s Modern Laminate Wood Floors

Getting to Know Today?s Modern Laminate Wood Floors

Today?s modern laminate wood floors look amazing and they?re ?wetter? than ever!

They?re waterproof, extremely durable, highly resistant to scratching, denting, fading and staining, easy to maintain and more affordable than vinyl floors. For busy households with children and pets, laminate wood floors are an ideal solution as many have a Pet Protection warranty. Many of the laminate wood floors that Quantum Floors carries also have one of the most desirable features we are asked for, they?re made in the USA.

You can find laminate wood floors in finishes resembling natural hardwood species such as hickory, oak, maple and cherry. Laminate wood floors have a texture adding to its realistic look and feel. You?ll also find laminate floors to be more comfortable to walk on than other hard surface flooring solutions.

We?ll be the first to admit that early laminate floors (think 1970-80s) were not durable and certainly didn?t look like or perform like today?s laminate floors. Don?t think of your mom?s or maybe your grandmother?s old laminate floors. Modern laminate floors are orders of magnitude better in every respect.

How It?s Made

Laminate wood floors have 4 layers in its construction:
1.? A wear layer that protects against fading, staining, scratching and surface moisture.
2.? A graphics layer where the high-quality wood-look images are printed.
3.? A core layer that provides stability and strength to the floor.
4.? A base layer that stabilizes the flooring.

quantum floors carries waterproof laminate wood floors from RevWood, Quick-Step, Pergo and many others.

What Happens if Your Laminate Floor Gets Damaged?

Even the most durable flooring can be damaged as accidents happen. Quantum Floors recommends using area rugs at main entrances and high-traffic areas. Another great idea is to lace protective pads under furniture and chair legs.

Should your laminate wood floor develop a scratch, there are inexpensive scratch kits that can be used to hide them. If your laminate wood floor is dark-colored, you may get away with using a Sharpie marker.

If you have significant scratching, it will be necessary to replace the laminate plank by disassembling the floor down to the damaged plank. Then, replace the plank and reassemble the floor. Sometimes that option isn't practical, so you will need to cut out the damaged plank and glue in a replacement. Either way, this is a job best left to a professional.

Cleaning Your Laminate Wood Floors

Quantum Floors recommends that you dust the floors often with a dry dust mop or a Swiffer or similar product. For high-quality laminate wood floors, this is generally all that?s needed to keep them looking showroom new. If you prefer to use a vacuum cleaner, use the hard surface attachment so you don?t damage the wear layer with the vacuum cleaner??beater brush.

In the past, any type of wet mopping or steam vacs were a big no-no on laminate floors. That is no longer the case with modern laminates such as RevWood Plus/Select, Pergo Elements or NatureTEK. Many of these collections state that a wet mop and/or steam vac may be used. That?s how good the waterproof properties are in a modern laminate. Furthermore, you should avoid any cleaners with harsh chemicals. If you prefer to use some floor cleaner, make sure you?re using one that states it is for laminate floors and please, use it sparingly, as many floor cleaners leave a residue behind that dulls the floors.

We Have the Waterproof Flooring Options You Need

At Quantum Floors, we care about every aspect of your flooring experience. We not only work to ensure your best fit for protection and longevity but for outstanding d?cor matching as well, offering plenty of gorgeous materials for your consideration. And of course, we professionally install the products we sell with our in-house installation teams.

We cater to communities including Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Jupiter, Stuart, West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Wellington, and Broward County, all from our showrooms in Boynton Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Coconut Creek & Palm Beach Gardens, FL. When you?re ready for the best waterproof floors, including looks you will love for years to come, be sure to visit us.