hardwood flooring West Palm Beach, FL

Homeowners Love Hardwood Flooring

Some homeowners are content with just about any flooring material. Whether carpet, vinyl, laminate or stone, they are perfectly happy. However, some homeowners have specific tastes, and many of them preferring hardwood flooring, especially in the West Palm Beach, FL area.

These discreet tastes are rooted in all the benefits that hardwood has to offer. When you add to those benefits an elegant, graceful and vintage feel, as hardwood does, you get an amazing experience. Allow us to familiarize you with some of those benefits:

Cleaner and Safer
West Palm Beach, FL residents know that hardwood flooring does not hide particles and debris. This creates a much healthier living environment, especially those who suffer from allergies. It is also much easier to clean, as all you need for regular cleanings is a dust mop and sometimes a wet mop or vacuum.

Pricier, But Worth It
When you compare the cost of hardwood flooring in the West Palm Beach, FL area, you will find that it costs a bit more. However, there are some things you will want to consider before allowing this to sway your judgment.

Hardwood doesn?t need to be professionally cleaned nearly as often as carpeting. It also has a longer lifespan, sometimes up to hundreds of years, in fact. It can often be repaired or sanded and refinished instead of being replaced, as carpet often has to.

Resilient and Sustainable
It is true that hardwood flooring does get scuffed, scraped and damaged in other ways. This is especially the case in areas of extremely high traffic. However, since it can be refinished easily, you rarely ever need to replace a hardwood floor completely.

Wood is a resource that occurs naturally and therefore can be replanted. This makes hardwood floors one of the best ecological choices. An even better choice, yet still in the hardwood family, is bamboo. It is a fast growing wood and makes sustainability even more reachable.

Hardwood flooring never goes out of style. No matter what the trend happens to be, you can always pair a beautiful hardwood design to make the perfect d?cor. The variety available in areas of color, grain, design and patterning means that it suits just about everything.

Quantum Floors can help you pick out something that matches your style perfectly. In the West Palm Beach, FL locale, you can visit any of our three showrooms ? in Boynton Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, and Fort Lauderdale, FL ? to see a vast array of hardwood flooring from which to choose.