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How to Make a Room Look Bigger With Flooring

Just about every house has ?that room,? the one in need of a little more real estate. Unless you?re ready to bump out a closet and commit to a full renovation, you probably just want your tiny room to appear less cramped. Lucky for you, flooring?can be one of your best allies in the battle to help a small room seem larger. In fact, the right type of flooring, how you install it or floor color can make a room bigger, at least from a visual perspective.

Flooring Tips to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

Even though you will always know the basic dimensions of your little room, you can use some proven methods to seemingly bump out the walls without ever picking up a hammer. For instance, a smallish bedroom will always look bigger when outfitted with just a few pieces of furniture instead of a full suite. Light-colored and bright-colored walls also tend to promote a sense of greater space.

Where does flooring come into the picture? Well, if you sparsely decorate the room with furnishings, your floors will be more noticeable. This allows you to get more mileage from the optical illusions your floor?s texture, type and shade create. Following are two proven methods of making a small room look larger.

Wood flooring from Quantum Floors in South Florida

Diagonal Patterns

Creating a crisscross type pattern seems to extend the size of the floor, as it works against the naturally blocked-out square shape of smaller rooms. Herringbone and chevron patterns are good examples of this. Be careful of checkerboard patterns, however. If they are the wrong size, they can make the room seem even smaller.

Wide Planks

Thinking about using a product like engineered hardwood?or laminate?in your small room? Though you might gravitate toward thinner planks or strips, revisit your initial plans. Wider planks can work to make your room look bigger. Engineered hardwood and laminate planks are available in widths up to 10?.

What Color Flooring Makes a Room Look Larger?

After picking the type of flooring and style you want, you get to move on to the fun part ? picking the right color flooring to make your small room look bigger.

Be aware that dark flooring colors can work well in a small space. Unlike darkness on walls, deep coloring on floors makes a light-colored ceiling appear higher and seems to elevate the entire room.

Finally, bright and earthy color tones can help modernize a small room, adding an element of airiness. Be sure to snag as much natural light as you can or install warm artificial lights to make your small space as attractive and inviting as possible.

Wood flooring from Quantum Floors in South Florida

Transform Your Small Space

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