Ballast Maple

Introducing the First Waterproof Hardwood Floor

Save up to $500 on flooring

At Quantum Floors, it?s our job to help you find the perfect flooring that you?ll love at a great value. We couldn?t be more pleased to share this revolutionary new flooring. Meet Regatta, the FIRST spill-proof hardwood floor with a waterproof core. This new line checks off all the boxes, combining the beauty of?real hardwood with supreme wear resistance and comfort.

Spill Proof Hardwood - Waterproof Core

A moisture resistant commercial urethane topcoat protects the real wood wear layer of the Regatta flooring from the wear and tear of everyday life. The engineered hardwood line features a Glaze Tek commercial finish that repels moisture and is reinforced with aluminum oxide, creating a physical barrier to provide maximum scratch and wear resistance

4 layers including a spill proof commercial finish

Save up to $500 on flooring

It?s Real Wood

Only natural wood creates authentic and unique designs; in real hardwood floors?you never see the same board repeated twice. That is why the line uses real European Oak, American Hard Maple and American Hickory for the wear layer of the Regatta floors. The meticulously selected boards are carefully treated using hand-scraping and unique brushing techniques to enhance nature?s own graining. The result is a floor that will add a sense of luxury and warmth to any space.

The Wood is Hardcore

The real wood wear layer is supported by a waterproof
Purcore RIGID+ center core - a high density layer that is made from 60% compressed stone and virgin PVC. This solid layer boasts an incredible 5000 lb. psi indentation rating from high heels and heavy furniture. It will stand up to the toughest commercial environments not to mention anything your kids and pets can throw at it.

The Finishing Touches

Quiet Comfort padding has been added to each wide 6? plank. The padding not only insulates you from a cold subfloor, it provides additional underfoot comfort when walking on it. Furthermore, the padding also acts as a noise reduction barrier.

Ketch Hickory

Save up to $500 on flooring

Lower Cost of Installation

Regatta is installed as a floating floor. It features an innovative locking system which eliminates the need for adhesives or nails and allows us to provide you a lower cost of installation. Adding to the unique system is a spill proof coating that creates a tight connection between the planks. Unlike traditional hardwood flooring that can absorb water and trap dirt in joints, the coating prevents that.

But Wait, There?s More

Regatta planks feature a hand-applied finish and hand-scraped surfaces which accent the wood?s natural beauty. The planks are treated with an anti-microbial defense which makes these floors great for those with allergies or asthma.

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