Laminate Flooring is Moving Up in the World

Laminate Flooring is Moving Up in the World

Laminate flooring has started moving from the floor and onto the walls. Using laminate flooring to create an accent wall adds eye candy, definition and contrast to just about any room. The design possibilities are endless and the cost is very affordable, especially when compared to tile and other materials.

Choose from Many Styles: The number of choices might make your head spin. Choose from muted neutral colors, weathered and reclaimed wood-looks, textured planks and so many more. We see many people choose planks with high color variations and some even mix and match complementary colors for a more modern look. More traditional styles and smooth laminates add sophistication. For even more visual interest, choose planks of varying widths.

Design Ideas: Laminate flooring works anywhere wallpaper does. Although you can?t use it over wallpaper, you can use it in the same places after the wallpaper has been removed. You?ll have a new look that?s modern and sophisticated.

Another popular use of laminate flooring on your walls is to highlight architectural features. Think shelves, wall niches, beneath or above wainscoting and the back of bookcases. Using laminate here will create interesting designs and highlight these features.

Liven up your bedroom by using laminate flooring as a headboard. You can create one with a wood laminate that?s just the size you want without overwhelming the room. Some go bold and create an entire feature wall behind their bed.

Spice up the kitchen. Use laminate flooring for a backsplash and tuck it between countertops and cabinets. Laminate is much easier to clean and maintain than painted wood surfaces and unlike real wood, it?s waterproof. For the backsplash and walls, it?s much more affordable than stone or ceramic tile.

Looking for more ways to use flooring creatively? Think about installing flooring on your ceiling. It?s an up-and-coming trend.

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