Preparing for Your New Flooring Installation

Preparing for Your New Flooring Installation

So, you?ve finally made the decision to replace the tired, old flooring in your home. There?s a lot more to having new floors installed than just selecting your material and an installer.

If your new flooring is a part of a larger renovation, it?s vital to time the flooring installation carefully. Installing your new floors should be the last project to finish. You don?t want workers form other projects dragging heavy furniture and appliances across your floors, or paint that will mar the floor?s finish from the start. Installing new floors should be the last project on your renovation list.

Create a Work Space for the Installers

Depending on the type of flooring being installed, there could be a considerable amount of flooring boxes, subfloor material, table saws, tools and more. While some flooring installation can be completed in one day, many can take several days to complete. If you have a work space for them to place their equipment, it will shorten the timeframe of having to pack up each day. A secure area will also make it easier for installation, from mixing adhesive to cutting planks.

A garage makes a perfect place to create a work space. Make sure the path from there to where they?ll be working is free and clear as well.

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Preparing for Installation

Before the flooring installers arrive, take some time to properly prepare the area. This ensures the flooring installers can get in, complete the work, and get back out as quickly as possible.

As you?re finalizing your purchase, talk about preparation too. Some installers will move heavy furniture. At a minimum, secure all small breakables, valuables, and other items beforehand. Remove items from the walls if they are easily bumped. If you can move furniture to other parts of your home, have that job completed before they arrive. If your closets are getting new floors, remove all items from the floor and any lower shelves.

Children, Pets and Flooring Installation

Because installers will be working with heavy, sometimes dangerous machinery, and will be leaving doors open and moving back and forth, it?s important that children or pets won?t be at risk. Find a place in the house to secure them, for their protection, as well as the installers. If that isn?t possible, it might be time to arrange a sitter to ensure their safety for the time it takes for installation.

Clean Up

While the flooring installers will remove boxes and debris, you?ll be in charge of final cleanup to be able to start enjoying your new floors. Talk with the installers to determine how fast you can start cleaning. With some adhesives, it?s suggested you wait a few hours or days for curing, to ensure the materials properly adhere to the subfloor.

No matter if you?re installing new carpet, hardwood, vinyl, or tiles, preparation is critical. The more you know before installation day, the better your experience. When you know what to expect, you can be ready for all that will happen.

When your last piece of furniture is in place and the installers are driving away, you?ll be rewarded with new flooring that you?ll enjoy for years.

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