Quantum Floors Offers a Wide Choice of Affordable Hardwood Flooring for Palm Beach Area Homeowners

Quantum Floors carries an exceptional variety of hardwood flooring materials from well-known manufacturers, as well as an extensive collection of samples for customers to look through. While most flooring product retailers have a website filled with close-up sample photos, no picture is as telling as actually holding the real thing in your hand. That?s why we offer the most complete Royal Palm Beach hardwood flooring showroom that includes an equally impressive range of samples for our area customers to look through.
Quantum Floors offers Royal Palm Beach hardwood flooring customers the most competitive and affordable prices in this part of Florida. We also provide expert flooring installation by State licensed and insured installers who understand the correct way to set any hardwood flooring in place to their manufacturer?s instructions. Our professional installers not only ensure stunning visual appearance, durability and long lifespan for your new hardwood flooring, they also prevent the loss of your manufacturer?s warranty due to poor quality work by inexperienced people.

Quantum Floors has two modern stores and well-stocked showrooms in Boynton Beach and Palm Beach Gardens, FL, where you can stop in at your convenience, review flooring samples up close, and discuss your plans for home remodeling with our experts. While new Royal Palm Beach hardwood flooring is a key product chosen by many of our area customers, we also offer anything else you?ll need for your home remodeling.?
Whatever your needs are, we would like to invite you to stop by at one of our two showroom locations and learn why Quantum Floors is truly a one-stop shopping source for homeowners in the Palm Beach, Florida area. If you would like additional information, phone us, email us or drop by at either showroom to discuss your need for Royal Palm Beach hardwood flooring with one of our experienced remodeling consultants.
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