Quantum Floors vs. The Big Box Stores

Factors to Consider

With so many different species, finishes, and types of wood flooring available, not to mention laminate and luxury vinyl, making the final decision of which will look best in your home or business can be difficult. Especially if you don?t have any help along the way.?

All too often, consumers get fooled by the discounted prices offered by some of the big-box stores. Some shoppers get caught up in the satisfaction of ?finding a great deal? and forget to consider the risks associated with buying from a big-box retailer, rather than a flooring specialist like Quantum Floors. I?m sure you?ve heard the phrase, ?If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.??

Typically, this is the case when it comes to hardwood flooring. Price is an important factor for most consumers, but it shouldn?t be the determining factor. Rather, consider the services offered by the company from which you intend to purchase. Do they offer expert design help? Can you try free samples in your home before buying? Are they offering first quality products or factory seconds? What about installation? Do you want unknown third-party contractors in your home? These are just a few important factors to consider when shopping for flooring. Keep reading for some insight on why flooring megastores aren?t all they?re cracked up to be.

What You Get at the Big Box Stores

Have you ever wandered through the flooring section at your local home improvement store? Unless you?re an expert do-it-yourselfer, the shelves upon shelves of flooring options can be quite overwhelming. Solid hardwood or engineered? What wood species is best? Light or dark? And the list of questions filling your head goes on and on. What about floor leveling, moisture barriers and underlayments?

So, what are you to do with all these questions? You could get out your smartphone and do a little on-the-spot research. Or, you could ask the associate working in that section and cross your fingers and hope that he/she knows flooring and isn?t from the garden department.?

The bottom line ? customer service isn?t a priority at most big-box retailers. At stores like these, everything is left up to you. Don?t you want more for your investment? At Quantum Floors, we think you deserve more.

What You Get at Quantum Floors

Why trust Quantum Floors for your flooring needs? For starters, you?ll never have to experience the ?cross your fingers and hope? scenario as mentioned above. You?ll always deal with a knowledgeable expert who can recommend a custom flooring solution that meets your needs.?

Quantum Floors is a family business. This means we?re in it for the long haul ? as in generations. Our customers are our neighbors and friends, people from whom we purchase our groceries, with whom we bank and go fishing with. You get the idea. We do our very best for them. We make sure they get the best design service, sales expertise, floor covering products, and the best installation ? all at very fair prices.

Have questions along the way or want design advice? The team at Quantum Floors will walk you through every step of the process. We?ll advise you on such things as color, style, and floor species to help you craft the perfect design. Already working with an interior designer? No problem ? we work with designers every day! We even have an entire section of our website dedicated to offering free flooring tips?for homeowners.?

At Quantum Floors, we think you should be able to see how a floor sample looks in your home before you purchase. Our free sample program gives prospective customers the ability to ?test drive? flooring samples ? taking the guesswork out of your decision.

The Quantum Floors Experience

We proudly stand behind our products and the workmanship. With a larger product selection than the big box stores? you?ll find exactly what you?re looking for. Quantum Floors also offers 7 Lucci Luxury hardwood lines?you find anywhere else.?

Best of all, we install everything we sell utilizing our in-house, expert installation teams. They are professionally trained to make sure everything gets installed the way you envision. We couldn?t be prouder of the more than 350 5-star reviews they have received.

At Quantum Floors, we want to make sure you?re happy from your first step in our showroom to your first steps on your new flooring?and as your partner in home design, we?ll be there every step along the way. Consider us your ?One-Stop Shopping? destination for all things flooring.?

Our Flooring Experts are equipped with the knowledge to guide you through the wide selection of products we offer. We know your home is an expression of your sense of style, and we?re here to make sure you?ll be proud of it for years to come. With showrooms located across South Florida,? expert help is just minutes away.