Resilient Floors: For the Person who Wants it All!

Let?s say, just for the sake of argument, you want it all.

You can have it all!?The look of long-strip, weathered boards from exotic species, set off with pencil-thin bevels. Or perhaps the realistic look of terracotta tile, textured pebbles or even a border of worn Incan stone set in mortar. A look that is both worldly and timeless.
Don?t stop there. Let?s say you want quick, easy installation, as surface so tough it will stand up to foot traffic and a floor so easy to maintain it requires no wax or polish.

You might as well keep going. You want moisture resistance and anti-allergenic properties, and you insist on strict environmental responsibility, featuring renewable, recycled and sustainable products and practices.

How about one more item for the wish list? Lower costs?

With resilient, you?ll get everything you want ? no argument.

A resilient floor will yield to your demands from an easy installation, simple maintenance, looks that are realistic to antimicrobial properties helping people with allergies. In addition resilient flooring performance is warranty backed for up to 20 years. ?And for those of you with electronics and care about static electricity, resilient floors have antistatic attributes.

Resilient floors offer the highest standards in environmental sensitivity. Linoleum, for example is composed of linseed oil, wood flour and pine rosin, is biodegradable, and boasts a spectrum of colors and fresh, fashionable designs. Many manufacturers use recycled materials from recycled plastic bottles to sawdust and adhesives that considered ?green?.

If you want it all, go visit your local retailer to see what is available in resilient flooring. You will find nature-inspired colors and realistic textures with unique flooring patterns. You will be pleasantly surprised and very pleased. ?And of course you can have it all, beauty, texture, color, design and functionality and all within your budget.