Should You Buy Extra Flooring When Purchasing New Floors?

When you install new flooring, the inevitable will happen. You?ll drop a heavy pan and put a dent in your hardwood. You?ll move furniture and scrape the surface of your luxury vinyl floors. You?ll either be grateful you invested in extra flooring or you?ll cringe inside knowing you?re one step closer to having to replace your flooring or live with the damage.

To save yourself this feeling of dread, as you?re finalizing your decision on what flooring to install, plan ahead and purchase extra flooring to have on hand for when you need it. Based on the number of phone calls our 5 showrooms receive each week from people looking for a few boxes of now discontinued flooring, you?re going to need it.

Buying Extra Flooring is a Wise Decision

Rarely is a room perfectly square. You?ll almost always have little areas that need flooring too. Like the coat closet near the front entrance. And where the floor curves slightly near the front window. Walk around your house and notice these nooks and crannies.

That means when you invest in new hardwood or luxury vinyl planks, you?ll have to cut a few to create a harmonious look. You?ll need extra hardwood for the bottom of the closet.

Now let?s talk about installation methods. Rarely do installers move perfectly from start to finish without a mishap. Again, rooms are seldom perfectly sized. Patterns and textures play a role too. You may need to cut your planks or tiles to get colors and shapes to match up. You?ll have more waste with intricate patterns such as herringbones or chevrons.

It?s also wise to consider future needs. Extra flooring material will give you a chance to fix and replace damaged areas. Dented hardwood or scratched vinyl will be easy to fix when you have extra material. Another reason to buy extra flooring now is that manufacturer?s discontinue products and they won?t be available when you need them in several years.

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How Much Extra Flooring Should I Buy?

As a general rule of thumb, flooring experts recommend you purchase about 10% more for standard installations and as much as 25% more if doing herringbone or chevron patterns.

Of course, these are only estimates. Your situation will determine the exact amount you should buy. A well-versed flooring expert can help you assess your needs. Consider the space you?re installing the flooring, your lifestyle, and the material. In virtually every circumstance, homeowners are always grateful to have a little extra rather than running short.

Waste is Normal

With many home improvement materials, you buy just enough to complete the project. Not so with flooring. While an experienced installer will be efficient when laying your new flooring, there are always obstacles during the process which leads to waste.

So, when your flooring salesperson recommends adding 10% or even 15% more material to your order, please remember they are looking out for your best interests.

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