Luxury vinyl flooring in South Florida from Quantum Floors

Should you choose luxury vinyl flooring?

A resounding ?yes!? is our answer. Sophisticated high-end style with designs inspired by nature, affordability, ultra-durability, 100% waterproof capabilities, low maintenance, and easy installation make luxury vinyl (LVF) ideal for homeowners, designers, architects, and builders alike. LVF is one of the most sought after by restaurant designers who love the distinctive designs with the kind of functionality that all the eateries need.

Style and savings in vinyl plank flooring

Images taken with high-resolution photography will show knots, wormholes, veining variations, grains, and swirls, while colors and patterns pop. Whether luxury or sheet, Vinyl flooring has micro beveling and embossing to add depth and dimension and textured appearances.

If you want a wood look floor, opt for the option of vinyl plank. Here, LVF is cut into strips and mounted on boards to mimic hardwood. Add a high gloss finish, and your floors will look like they came out of the design pages! The other form is LVT, where pieces are cut into groutable squares to mimic stone or tile.

Other benefits of LVF

All vinyl is durable, but the top transparent melamine wear layer protects the floor from scratches and scuffs. It also helps with the waterproofing because it keeps spills at the top, just waiting to be wiped off. That makes it one of the most kid-and-pet-friendly floorings around.

It?s also low maintenance, needing only daily sweeping and periodic mopping with a manufacturer-approved cleaner. Avoid waxy, shine-promoting cleaners, as they can damage the finish and dull the floor. Installation can be a fast and uncomplicated floating floor technique that is clicked, mat, and hover.

Visit our Florida showrooms for your new floors

The minute you walk into our facility, you?ll see that we aren?t just a place to sell floors. Our showroom is highly designed and, because we know how exhausting shopping can be, we even have a cafe where you can get some relaxation and a cup of coffee. Visit the Quantum Floors showroom for some luxury vinyl inspiration and a free quote; we have four locations: Boynton Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Fort Lauderdale, and Coconut Creek, FL, and service those areas.