Take a Peek Behind the Curtain at Quantum Floors

Take a Peek Behind the Curtain at Quantum Floors

We are often asked how we select the materials we display in our showrooms. We love sharing the unique way we choose the best products for our clients.

For most flooring stores, a manufacturer?s rep shows up and provides small sized samples. The store then finds a place to display them in their store. We think there?s a better way.

Quantum Floors has a Material Design Team comprised of employees from most departments in our organization. Our team of designers, flooring experts and installers work together to make the most of your flooring investment. Here?s our proven process for selecting materials to display.

  • Quality, quality, quality. If a manufacturer wants us to display their flooring, they must meet our quality control metrics. We evaluate a range of characteristics including color, specifications, reputation, performance of the floor once installed and warranties. That means you?re only looking at first-quality flooring materials with proven performance.
  • The team is constantly researching the markets we serve for current trends and styles in flooring to ensure the custom samples we display will be relevant and appealing to our clients.
  • During their research, they strive to select flooring that?s most suitable to our clientele based on extensive market research.
  • The team selects a range of samples that cover a wide variety of materials, colors, patterns and price points to cater to our diverse group of clients.

Overall, the process of selecting flooring samples to display in a store is a combination of research, strategy, and creativity to ensure that our clients are given a wide range of options that cater to their unique needs, and that the samples are arranged in an appealing and easy-to-navigate manner.

quantum floors in fort Lauderdale offers free large custom made flooring samples

Custom Made Flooring Samples

When you spend so much time curating the materials in your showroom, you can be sure our process for creating custom made samples involves as much thought as our process for selecting materials for our showrooms. We know that ordering flooring samples can be a bit of an exercise in frustration from other stores. That?s why we offer custom samples that are made just for you. Be prepared to be impressed by what you see.

Our one-of-a-kind custom samples are the perfect way to see how the flooring will look in your home. We will provide at least three custom hardwood, vinyl or laminate planks that fit together perfectly, so you can see how they work together and make sure they?re the right color combination before purchasing anything.

The same custom samples we display in our showrooms are the samples we allow you to borrow. We?ll even pick them up from your home when we come to do a free Site Inspection and Measure of your home.?

With our free samples and friendly, knowledgeable flooring experts, you can be sure of a great experience every time you stop in. We?re here to serve!

With our free samples and friendly, knowledgeable flooring experts, you can be sure of a great experience every time you stop by. We?re here to serve!