The best flooring for pet lovers

The Best Flooring For Pet Lovers

Our dogs and cats are literally members of our families, which makes it frustrating when your best pal wreaks havoc on your flooring or uses it for their own personal outhouse or scratching post. Because pets are so important to their families, rather than remain frustrated and allow your dog or cat to tear up the flooring, selecting the best flooring for pets (and for you!) can save hours of time and headache.

Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVT) Flooring

This isn?t your mom?s sheet roll flooring or the old stick-on tiles you had in your college rental. Today?s luxury vinyl flooring is often found in slats or planks, mimicking the look of ?real wood? flooring. If you haven?t seen today?s luxury vinyl floors, you?re in for a big surprise. Higher quality LVT planks mimic the look of wood so well, it?s hard to tell if it?s real wood unless you reach down to touch it.

Luxury vinyl flooring is perfect for pets as they are waterproof. They are installed locked together as a ?floating floor? ? not permanently affixed to the subfloor. In other words, when your furry friend has an accident it won?t ruin the floor! LVT planks are durable, scuff- and scratch-resistant, with low and moderately priced options available.

We have over 150 luxury vinyl floors in our online product catalog and even more options in our showrooms. Stop into one of our state-of-the-art showrooms today to take a look. You can even bring your dog and leave with free samples to see how the new flooring looks in your home.