The Risks of Buying Flooring Online

The Risks of Buying Flooring Online

(Note: this post turned out to be very long. As such, we will publish it over 3 Fridays so make sure to come back for the next 2 parts)

It is tempting to think that flooring is best purchased online because of the ease and comfort of all the other things you can purchase online. Flooring is a much more sophisticated purchase than the typical online purchase because there are a lot of factors for you to consider before purchasing your next floor. This blog post is designed to answer a lot of the questions that Quantum Floors is commonly asked about purchasing flooring online and explores what may be the best approach for you.

Did you know that most manufacturers do not allow their products to be sold online? That void has been filled with lots of lesser quality material that doesn?t adhere to industry standards, usually offers no warranty and little to no recourse for their buyers should issues arise. Let?s dive into the details?

Local Commitment
Unlike most online flooring retailers, established flooring professionals, both in sales and installation, live by their reputations. They are committed to steering customers in the right direction and doing the work correctly, as your satisfaction and later recommendation of their service is critical to the longevity of their business. They are also far more committed to working with you to solve any issues, should they arise. Returning an unwanted floor to an online retailer can be a massive expense, and attempting to get their help on a failure is often met with resistance and/or unresponsiveness. They may be 1,000 miles away behind a desk; they can?t come over and look at the problem for you like Quantum Floors can.

At Quantum Floors we don't just cover floors, we cover details. From concept to installation, you've got our ear and we've got your back. Quantum Floors is a family-owned business with many years of experience. We focus on a white-glove customer experience and treat our customers as we would like to be treated. We aren?t perfect but we strive to do everything to the best of our ability. There is no fine print, hidden fees or unanswered phone calls. If there?s a problem, we?re there for you. We?re part of your local community. Our kids go to the same schools as yours, we support local charities and shop at the same stores you do. We are here for you today, tomorrow and for years to come. When you shop local, you?re not only supporting that local business, you?re supporting your community as well.

When you buy flooring online, there are multiple parties involved with the sale, delivery, and installation. Should something go wrong, these parties often blame each other. For example, the online flooring store might blame the installer or shipping company, while the installer might blame the online seller. Sadly, the customer often gets caught in the middle, and no one takes responsibility for solving the issue.

When you buy from Quantum Floors, there is one line of accountability and the combination of flooring material, delivery and professional installation is supported as a complete package. Our installation teams are in-house (no third-party contractors), have years of experience installing the types of flooring we offer and have received 493 verified 5-star reviews (as of 5/27/21). Should an issue arise, Quantum Floors is but a phone call away. At Quantum Floors, it?s our job to help you find the perfect flooring that you?ll love at a great value. We want to make sure you?re happy from your first step in our showroom to your first steps on your new flooring?and as your partner in home design, we?ll be there every step along the way. Our reputation depends on it.

Product Quality
Just because a picture of a flooring product looks good doesn?t mean it?s a quality product. Online flooring companies often take low-quality, cheap flooring and use camera techniques and lighting to make it look like a high-end floor. Because you?re not evaluating the flooring in person with a specialist, it?s nearly impossible to tell if you?re looking at good-quality product or not. Making a large purchase based on internet photos or a small cut sample sent in the mail is a good way to be disappointed. Many online sellers do not offer first-quality material. They sell factory seconds, odd lots, mismatched dye lots and other non-first-quality products and do not disclose this fact on their websites. More importantly, many online products offer NO manufacturer?s warranty.

All products offered in our showrooms have been carefully curated. As such, we can honestly answer questions about its various characteristics and performance. Our installation teams have experience installing them and know all the tricks. All the products we offer are first-quality and carry a full manufacturer?s warranty. You will never find odd lots, factory seconds or mismatched dye lots at Quantum Floors. Our relationships with all the major manufacturers mean that if an issue arises, we are well positioned to make sure it?s solved.

(Stay tuned for part 2 of this blog post. Topics covered in part 2 are Online Seller Tricks, Color and Texture. Part 3 will cover Installation, Product Warranty and Shipping & Delivery)