The Risks of Buying Flooring Online, Part III

The Risks of Buying Flooring Online, Part III

In part 1 of this blog post, topics covered were Local Commitment, Accountability and Product Quality. In Part 2, we covered Online Seller Tricks, Color and Texture)

So, you?ve purchased new flooring online and now you need someone to install it. The vast majority of flooring dealers that offer installation services, will not install flooring that was not purchased from them, for the reasons mentioned above and below.

At Quantum Floors, we?re experts at selling and installing a carefully curated selection of products that we stand behind. When you come to us with flooring purchased elsewhere, we don?t know of the product?s quality or who to call with any installation questions. We don?t know the condition of your subfloor, what transitions or moldings will be needed or even the manufacturer?s recommendation for glue, to name a few. We simply cannot be responsible for a product we have no knowledge of and don?t have a reputable manufacturer standing behind it.

At Quantum Floors, we understand that when you pay for professional services, you expect professional results. It?s why we take the utmost pride in delivering an unparalleled installation experience, with a keen eye on the quality of your flooring and the craftsmanship that goes into its installation. We?ll treat your home like we treat our home.

Quantum Floors is licensed and insured in all of South Florida. Our in-house installation teams are factory trained and have any years of experience installing the types of flooring we offer. We pride ourselves on the hundreds of verified 5-star reviews our installation teams have received.

We focus on using only the highest quality components for your installation. We only use premium setting materials, adhesives, underlayments, etc. and try to stay ahead of the curve by using better products to go with our installations. While you may never see these products, they are key to a flawless installation.

Product Warranty
We don?t often think about the manufacturer?s warranty for our flooring until it?s too late. Reputable manufacturers will offer warranties on their products based on its usage, generally residential and commercial use. Should problems arise before, during or after installation, your local flooring retailer/ installer will go to bat for you with the manufacturer and file a warranty claim. That is not a service you can expect form an online retailer, even if their product carries a warranty.

Furthermore, many manufacturers will not warranty their products if they are sold online and/or through unauthorized dealers. (see picture for an example) At first, this policy may seem misguided, but it is the only way a manufacturer has any quality control over the installation of their products and to provide a recourse to a buyer should an issue arise. Sadly, that leaves the online buyer with no recourse.

All flooring offered for sale at Quantum Floors carry a full manufacturer?s warranty. Our wood suppliers all offer ethically sourced materials. All our manufacturer partners meet or exceed all North American and European standards for such things as zero emissions, CARB2 compliance and glues that don?t emit gases.

Shipping & Delivery
Flooring is heavy, really heavy. It?s also bulky as today?s planks (whether they be wood, laminate or vinyl) are typically anywhere from 4-10 feet long. Flooring is also very expensive to ship and internet buyers will have to foot the bill. The cost of shipping can easily eat up any savings you may have realized with an online sale. Besides the cost, there are other factors in shipping that may make that fantastic online deal more expensive once all costs are taken into account. In preparing this document, Quantum Floors reached out to many other flooring retailers and asked them about online flooring sales and their drawbacks. Here are some of the comments they made.

? Deliveries of flooring material are curbside only or to the end of your driveway. That means you will have to find a way to move hundreds or thousands of pounds, from the curb to inside your home.
? What if it?s raining, which can be damaging to some flooring material?
? What happens if you live in a condominium or a high-rise building? Are there rules that can make your delivery even more difficult?
? Most flooring gets delivered by tractor trailer. Did you know that many condominiums and subdivisions either can?t accommodate large trucks or don?t allow them at all? It?s not unheard of to have to hire another company to move the flooring from the tractor trailer to your home. ? What happens if your flooring arrives damaged? It is easy to claim to have an easy return policy but who knows if that is really the case. Customer service via an email address or 800 number is not optimal. In most cases, the online retailer will leave you on your own to file a claim with a shipping company.

At Quantum Floors, you?ll have none of these issues. All your flooring material will ship to our warehouse. We inspect the flooring to make sure there was no damage done during shipping. If there is, we handle the issue for you. Our installers will deliver the material on the day of your flooring installation and will comply with any restrictions that your condo, building or sub-division might have. If it?s raining, your flooring material will be covered and protected.

Risk vs Reward
Customers today, more than ever before, use the internet to shop and in many cases are more comfortable shopping using e-commerce than traditional shopping. Internet shopping make sense for commodity purchases. But when buying a product that requires installation, delivery and most importantly, that varies in color, texture and quality, the benefits seem to disappear when compared with the apparent cost savings. In fact, oftentimes once shipping and other fees are factored into the cost, using a local brick and mortar retailer is often more affordable and a lot less risky.

New flooring is a big decision and every job is custom for you and your home. When in doubt, speak with the experts at Quantum Floors. Let us make this an educational, easy and fun experience.