Transform Your Home with Hardwood

Have you always wanted hardwood floors for your house, or do you have an old existing hardwood floor?

If you have an old existing hardwood floor, maybe this is the time to renew it, not replace it. Does it look dull and dirty, are the traffic areas scuffed and worn??

Here are some ways to get rid of the worn and tired look:

? Have your hardwood floors screened (roughened, not as aggressive as sanding) and recoated
? Stain them or change the color of the stain
? Apply a paste wax finish
? Change the gloss level
? Recoat the floors with a tough urethane finish

Want more of a statement and change in that room?

Not enough of a change by just refinishing your floor. Let?s talk about transforming your hardwood floor. How about creating a fashion runway in your house? To transform the space with a whole new look, consider accent pieces ? inserts for the floor. These pieces can be large or small depending on the size of the existing floor and design scale of your room.

First do a scale drawing of the area you want to spruce up. Next, go shopping.

Planning on doing a whole new floor? If you want to do one room, seriously consider the impact of hardwood in two adjoining rooms. What about a living room and dining room or entrance and hall? This is a great area to do a change out with hardwood. Designers advise using the same or similar wood throughout to avoid a chopped up look. (Resist, for example, a mahogany entrance and oak hall, as much as you love different wood!)

Consider laying the floor on an angle or look at patterns for visual interest. While considering patterns, make sure you look at engineered. The engineered wood is available in numerous ready-made patterns and styles and can be installed in more spaces and solid wood, for example moisture-prone below grade basements. Is your basement still waiting to be finished? Why not finally finish your basement with elegant engineered hardwood. Many species of wood are now tongue and groove design and can be ?snapped together? without glue or nails. Don?t forget the trim pieces to cover the expansion gap needed around the outside of the floor and to highlight the main floor.

If you remember nothing as you shop for wood, remember that hardwood has color ranging from yellow to brown to red and exotics even more colors.

Think outside the box?think hardwood to transform your home today.?