West Palm Beach Fishing Club Becomes Historic Site

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It is always a pleasure to see historic places in our state being preserved. Quantum Floors just learned that six more sites in our state will be placed on the National Register. These historic sites offer all of us the chance to learn how things were done in the past. From seeing the ornate carvings so often used in the old days, to seeing some of the finest hardwood flooring in West Palm Beach, FL, it is all there for our enjoyment. One of the sites going on the list is the old West Palm Beach Fishing Club. Here is the beginning of the story that detailed these six sites:

?Six additional places in Florida have been added to the National Park Service?s National Register of Historic Places, Secretary of State Ken Detzner announced Tuesday. Detzner explained the six new historical places span the entire state from South Florida to the Florida Panhandle and reflect the variety of culture found throughout the Sunshine State.?

Source: Designates Six New Locations to National Register of Historic Places by staff.

As for the local fishing club, it has been around since 1934, and is still operating today. We are very pleased to see this site getting the attention it deserves. If you visit this area of town, take a few minutes to look at, and appreciate, the exquisite hardwood flooring West Palm Beach, FL is famous for.

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