What Do I Need to Know About my Engineered Floor

There are some very basic things you can do to prolong the ?just installed? beauty of your floor.

How do I clean my engineered hardwood floor?

  • Mats, outside and inside doorways, will make the biggest difference
  • When you have spill, wipe it up with a paper towel as soon as you can.
  • For daily cleaning, just use a microfiber mop. For large rooms, buy the because you?ll leave grit and dirt particles outside, where they belong. widest one you can find. Spots that need some extra attention can be cleaned with the same mop, sprayed with a good hardwood floor cleaner available in flooring specialty and home improvement stores. Please don?t wet mop your floor. Moisture will enter in between the planks in spite of the tight fit, causing the wood and core to swell or warp. A damp towel or rag is OK to use.even if you have a hand scraped or wire-brushed finish.
  • When you vacuum, turn off the beater brush. It can scratch your floor.?

Can I use wax or oil soap on my prefinished engineered wood floor?

No! If you installed a prefinished floor, wax and oil soaps will dull the finish. Use a high-quality wood floor cleaner for spot cleaning. Check the manufacturer?s instructions

Will my floor change color over time?

Yes. Depending on the species, it may change drastically, just like solid wood. Also, rugs and furniture protect your floor from UV rays, so the original coloring will remain longer. Window treatments help, but, in addition, we recommend moving rugs and furniture every once in a while to allow the floor to age evenly. Besides, it?ll challenge your interior design skills and foster creativity.

What can I do if I have scratches?

Before we get into scratches, let?s talk about heels. Stilettos and hardwood floors are not a good match. The point of the heel concentrates your weight in a very small area. Even if you weigh 100lbs you are transferring a lot of pressure to the floor, causing it to pit and dent.

  • If you have a light surface scratch, you might be able to wipe it with your floor cleaner and be done with it. For deeper gouges, gets a hardwood repair kit at your specialty flooring retailer or a home improvement store. Wood putty and stain, if you feel you can match the color, is another choice. Fill the damaged area with the mix, wipe away the excess with a clean cloth, and let dry overnight and buff.
  • Oh and keep your pet?s nails clipped and ban skateboarding in the house.
  • A very good source for additional information is the National Wood Flooring Association (woodfloors.org).