What Type of Hardwood Flooring Fits Your Personality?

When decorating or refurnishing a home, you want your d?cor to be a reflection of who you are. You want your friends and family to walk in and exclaim, ?Wow, this room reminds me of you!?
Making a space your own and adding your special touch can be fun and exciting. If you?re thinking of installing hardwood floors but aren?t sure which kind of flooring matches your style, below are some options that can bring big personality and bold style to any room in the house.?
Bold and exotic: If you?re looking for a vibrant hardwood floor that expresses your inner wild side, try Tigerwood flooring. Named for its bold ?tiger stripe? pattern, the unusual mix of dark brown, smooth tan, and pops of dark orange will bring the ambiance of any space to life. Known for its durability and superior quality, Tigerwood flooring originated in Brazil but has quickly become a popular choice for homes, furniture, and even decking. ?Tigerwood is a great option for anyone looking to take a walk on the wild side. ?

Sleek and smooth: If you?re envisioning a formal and traditional style, you can?t go wrong with dark hardwood flooring and a shiny finish. A dark Cherry hardwood compliments dining room furniture, as well as leather furniture. ?Cherry hardwoods offer a traditional twist to any modern home and help create a welcoming and classic environment.?

Light and airy: Perhaps you want a lighter hardwood floor that brightens up the room and creates an inviting sense of comfort and casualty. Maple hardwood flooring is the perfect choice for rooms with a lot of natural light. It?s one of the lightest hardwoods available and is known for its smooth grain and sleek, modern finish. Natural Maple hardwood emits a carefree, cheery feeling that can bring life into any space.

No matter what your personality type or style, hardwood flooring is a smart investment for any homeowner and with so many options, you?re sure to find the one that?s right for you.?