What's all the chatter about the core of waterproof flooring?

What's all the chatter about the core of waterproof flooring?

The core components of waterproof floors offer impressive benefits for every room. First, they help create the peace of mind you want and need in your home.

You might not know much about the core if you've never experienced these floors. But if you're looking for more information, you will find it.

The core components matter

As you shop this flooring line, you'll hear about the core materials and what they can do. Wood and stone plastic composite are some of the most common options.

These ensure you won't have to worry about water damage in the center of your flooring. In addition, these waterproof flooring options mean no warping, splitting, or cracking, even in flood conditions.

Extended durability from a great core material

These cores function to give you all the benefits you expect from floors. Some options are more rigid than others, and some provide outstanding stability.

Made with wood resins, pulps, and byproducts, these cores contain no natural wood. Instead, stone composites feature limestone and other rocks, powdered and added for excellence.

Choosing your waterproof features

Waterproof flooring is an excellent choice for elegant and timeless looks. With these floors, you can easily create the decor match you've always wanted for your waterproof floors.

If you have specific needs, be sure to share them with us. Then, we'll take care of making sure you have the flooring of your dreams.

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