What's Your Flooring Type?

When you are looking for flooring in Palm Beach Gardens, it is good to know what type of flooring you are seeking. There are many types of flooring, but we will focus on three of the products you can choose from: Hardwood, luxury vinyl tile and laminate.
Hardwood comes in two types, solid hardwood and engineered hardwood. Solid hardwood is a slab cut from a single piece of wood to form a plank that can be placed down as flooring in your Palm Beach Gardens home. It is beautiful in its appearance and can last for decades. However, it is also susceptible to moisture and temperature variations, and can buckle if not properly installed to adjust for changes in humidity and temperature.

Engineered hardwood is a thinner slab of wood laid over a plywood base. Since the plywood is made with a polymer resin, it is moisture and temperature resistant but it does not have as thick a wear layer as its solid hardwood cousin. Therefore, ?it will need to be replaced a little sooner than its solid counterpart.

Laminate flooring in your Palm Beach Gardens home is made from a particle board core which contains wood particles mixed with a polymer resin to form a board. On top of that core is a digital rendering of any product that the laminate wishes to emulate. This is usually wood of some sort, but stone and other natural materials are also accurately reproduced. Laminate is somewhat water resistant, but if exposed to moisture for a prolonged time, it can begin to bubble and split.

Luxury vinyl tile is made up of a virgin PVC core. This makes it impervious to water. Like laminate, luxury vinyl tile emulates other types of materials like wood or stone, but it goes an extra step in the process. Through 3D printing technology, luxury vinyl tile also emulates the textures of the materials replicated. The gentle rises of natural stone or the subtle grain of wood, make the product feel more realistic.

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