Why Laminate May Be Your Best Flooring Choice

Why Laminate May Be Your Best Flooring Choice

Laminate flooring was introduced in the late 1970s by Pergo and was hugely successful because they were durable, affordable, and easy to maintain compared to hardwood floors. While many product advancements have happened since laminate's initial introduction, those benefits remain true to this day. When deciding between hardwood and laminate floors, there are five things to consider which may make laminate a better choice for your space.

You Love the Latest Floor Fashion

When it comes to design, laminate floors can easily go up against with hardwood in modern style. Wide planks, varied lengths, distressed and wire brushed surface treatments, matte finish - all of it can be found in a laminate option.

Laminate has come a long way since the 1970s, including its look and feel. In those early days, laminate had a plastic look and almost anyone could tell that it wasn?t real wood. Today's laminate designs are so on point that even experienced flooring professionals can't tell the difference. Modern laminate even feels like hardwood with super realistic hand scraped and brushed textures.

Pergo is the best laminate flooring

You Need Low Maintenance in Your Life

Life is hectic! We get it, there isn't enough time to stress about your floors. You simply don't have time to keep up with the maintenance of hardwood. You need the kind of floors that only require a quick sweep of the broom or a quick pass with the vacuum. Using a few smart tips, you can keep your laminate floors looking beautiful for years to come.

Laminate is easy to maintain flooring because it is so durable. Throw a party every weekend and let everyone wear high heeled shoes and sip red wine - laminate can take it. Aside of being highly scratch resistant, laminate floors are dent and stain resistant.

You Have Pets, Kids or a Crazy Busy Household

Swap out the high heels for toy trucks and spilled wine for spilled sippy cups...laminate can take it. Laminate also has superior scratch resistance which is ideal for a home with pets.

Modern laminates are also water-resistant or waterproof, which is a huge development from past decades. It used to be that you had to immediately wipe up any spills or else your laminate floors would be damaged, but today's designs have much greater durability. It can take everyday spills, such as water splashed from a dog's dish or spilled milk, with ease.

pergo flooring is great for homes with children and pets

You Want Flooring That is Budget-Friendly

Oh my, the b-word. No need to hate it with laminate floors. You can afford really beautiful, hardworking, durable floors with all the gorgeous looks of hardwood for a fraction of the cost of real hardwood, and often, less expensive than vinyl flooring. Laminate flooring offers a range of prices suitable for all budgets.

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