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Hardwood Flooring Remains Top Choice For Stuart, FL Homeowners

Nothing beats the look of hardwood floors. It’s something we hear our clients say over and over in all of our south Florida showrooms, including our newest in Stuart, FL. We couldn’t agree more with them for a multitude of reasons. Hardwood floors are a timeless design choice. As one of our real estate broker clients likes to say, “Everybody is hoping to find hardwood floors when they rip up old carpeting”.

Want To Increase The Value Of Your Stuart, FL Home?

If you are considering a flooring upgrade for your Stuart, FL home, there is a strong possibility that you have looked into hardwood floors. Not only is hardwood clean, classy, and elegant, but there is arguably no other flooring option on the market that can add as much value to your home. While hardwood floors will undoubtedly be attractive to potential buyers, the question remains by just how much these timeless floors will increase property value. After all, hardwood is typically more expensive than other flooring materials on the market, so homeowners will want to be sure that they are getting a solid return on investment when making this flooring upgrade. In general, Stuart, FL homeowners can expect to see a home’s value rise by as much as 2.5% according to


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Benefits To Installing Hardwood Floors In Stuart, FL

When it comes to flooring, you have a lot of options. From carpet and tile to laminate and hardwood, there is a wealth of flooring options available. With an investment this big, you want to make the right flooring decision for your home. As you narrow your options and consider your choices, here are some benefits of hardwood flooring that might make your decision easier.

Hardwood Floors Look Amazing
You don’t just want clean floors – you want a beautiful home. Hardwood flooring is elegant enough to add a sophisticated look to any room and timeless enough to work perfectly with any décor. This versatile style makes hardwood flooring one of the most popular choices among Stuart, FL homeowners.

Hardwood Floors Are Durable
It doesn’t matter how good flooring looks if the quality and durability doesn’t last. With hardwood, you don’t have to worry. By properly caring for your hardwood flooring, you will have long-lasting beauty. Be sure to protect your flooring with area rugs if you’re worried about surface scratches from pets and children. Modern finishes have made hardwood an excellent choice for those needing durable flooring.

Stuart, FL Homeowners Say Hardwood Floors Are Easy To Maintain
If cleanliness is a high priority, then hardwood floors are a great option. Routine sweeping and occasional damp mopping will keep your floors looking beautiful. Be careful of excess water with your cleaning. Use floor mats by doors to help keep dirt or debris from entering your home.

Hardwood Floors Improves The Air Quality In Your Stuart, FL Home
Unlike carpet, hardwood floors do not harbor harmful dust and other debris. With just a quick vacuum, damp mop or sweep, you’ll have clean floors.

You’ll also have clean air. Without fibers or grout to trap in allergens, such as pollen and animal dander, you’re able to breathe easier in your home. Hardwood flooring is the best choice for allergy sufferers and those concerned with indoor air quality.

Another reason hardwood flooring is safer for your home, is the fact that hardwood floors are an all-natural product. The material does not emit dangerous chemicals, making this type of flooring one of the best for your home.

More Hardwood Floor Benefits For Stuart, FL Homeowners

Wood floors aren’t a one-size fits all type of flooring. Choose between light, dark, streaks, patterns, scrapes and knots to find the perfect type of hardwood to fit your style. Even more choices with finish types, plank width and the payout you decide on. There’s something for every taste and décor.

While hardwood floors will last for decades or longer, you have the ability to sand and refinish them should they become scratched or damaged over time. In many instances, you can even change the original color of the hardwood floors.

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The Trusted Wood Flooring Experts In Stuart, FL

Our showrooms are filled with hundreds of hand-selected wood flooring samples, as well as premium laminate and waterproof luxury vinyl. We feature hardwood flooring collections from well-known brands such as Hallmark Flooring, Legno Bastone, Provenza, Twelve Oaks, Mohawk, our exclusive Lucci Luxury Hardwood collections and many more.

Quantum Floors is the largest specialty flooring retailer in South Florida, a family-owned business and was named Best Flooring Store by in 2022. Our in-house hardwood flooring installation teams have installed thousands of hardwood floors in Port St. Lucie, Hobe Sound, Jensen Beach, Port Salerno, Palm City, and all the surrounding areas. As of winter 2022, we have received nearly 700 5-star reviews, over 4,000 customer referrals and we maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We are able to maintain the highest levels of quality control as we don’t use third-parties or subcontractors for installations.

In short, Quantum Floors takes care of your hardwood flooring project from start to finish. That means you don’t need to worry about managing your hardwood flooring project with different companies and worrying about making it all work. We’re here to serve!