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Hardwood Floors Trends In West Palm Beach, FL

In West Palm Beach, FL, hardwood floors are king. Hardwood flooring provides many benefits from its warmth and softness to its durability. Consider your needs to determine which style of wood floor would best suit your home. When homeowners are building or renovating their West Palm Beach, FL homes, a common concern is future resale value. Investing in a new kitchen or an addition definitely improves living conditions for current occupants, but will it be worth it when they list their home for sale in the future?

When planning out these types of home improvement projects, Quantum Floors recommends hardwood floors without any hesitation because they’ll improve the value of the home. Homes with hardwood flooring typically sell 40% faster than homes without wood floors. With that kind of confidence in a potential return on investment, it’s time to turn our focus on helping West Palm Beach, FL residents choose the best hardwood flooring options for them.

Hardwood floors are popular for many reasons. For people who enjoy entertaining or have children and pets, hardwood floors are easy to clean and maintain. If aesthetics is a concern for you, hardwood flooring is an obvious choice — it makes any space instantly elegant. And while hardwood flooring can be costly upfront, it’s a durable option. If the floors are well-maintained, they will outlast every other type of flooring.

Popular Hardwood Floor Colors In West Palm Beach, FL

After you decide on hardwood floors, it’s time to select the color. At Quantum Floors, we typically recommend you stay away from trendy colors as they often fade from popularity quickly. While hardwood floors can be sanded and refinished, it’s a costly and highly disruptive home improvement project.

Dark browns with cool undertones, or even black stains, are great for households without pets or children. These are also great for a higher budget because it requires more maintenance than other colors.

Lighter colored stains and white oak stains are a very popular option in West Palm Beach, FL. These have become the go-to neutral because they work with other colors extremely well, which is exactly why they work with a wide range of design styles. Natural stains typically complement contemporary design styles. If you’re unsure on a hardwood floor color, go with a neutral stain. Not only is it a safe choice, it’s that timeless look we often hear about when discussing hardwood floors. In other words, it never goes out of style.


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Benefits Of Hardwood Flooring For West Palm Beach, FL Homeowners

  • Hardwood floors are timeless and match virtually any décor
  • If you go to sell your West Palm Beach, FL home, it will sell faster than others without hardwood floors
  • Hardwood floors add value to your home or condo
  • Hardwood floors are easy to clean and maintain
  • Hardwood floors can be sanded and refinished if they get damaged
  • You have lots of choices in hardwood floors such as color, plank width and length, wood species, type of finishes and more

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The Wood Flooring Experts In West Palm Beach, FL

From our showroom in Palm Beach Gardens, Quantum Floors serves the residents of North Palm Beach, Century Village, Lake Park, North Palm Beach and all of the nearby neighborhoods. We install everything we sell using our in-house installation teams; no third party or subcontractors.

Another reason West Palm Beach, FL residents love Quantum Floors is their outstanding reputation all across South Florida. We are proud to have received nearly 700 5-star reviews from highly satisfied clients as well an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

When it’s all said and done, it’s not about the material, the showroom, the installers or the salespeople. It’s about the results! So, when people ask us why they should choose Quantum Floors, we tell them, “You may be able to get this flooring from other dealers but you won’t get the same experience or results as partnering with Quantum Floors.”

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