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Wilton Manors, FL Homeowners Are Installing Waterproof Laminate Floors In Record Numbers

Laminate floors, first introduced by Pergo have been around for nearly 50 years. Over the last 10 years or so, manufactures of laminate flooring have been adding features and new technologies that make modern laminate floors a great choice for virtually any room in your home.

When we say laminate flooring, what do you think of? It's time to put the image of laminate floors with avocado-colored appliances your mom or grandmother had in her kitchen in the 1970s away. We’ll be the first to admit that early laminate floors of the 1970s and 80s were not waterproof or very durable and certainly didn’t look like or perform like today’s laminate floors. Modern laminate floors are orders of magnitude better in every respect.

Today's modern laminate woods provide some of the best performance and value of all types of flooring. Laminate wood floors are the fastest growing segment of the flooring industry and are a welcome relief from the constantly rising prices of luxury vinyl planks.

Top Benefits Of Laminate Floors According To Homeowners In Wilton Manors, FL

  • Laminate floors from manufacturers such as RevWood, Quick-Step and Pergo are waterproof
  • Some laminate flooring collections from the above manufacturers offer a lifetime surface and subfloor warranty
  • Laminate floors are as much as 4X more scratch resistant than luxury vinyl planks
  • Durability is the hallmark of modern waterproof laminate floors as they are resistant to stains, dents and fading
  • Laminate floors are great for homes where there are allergy sufferers
  • If you have children and pets, laminate floors will take whatever they throw at them
  • Laminate flooring is very easy to clean and maintain.
  • Many laminate floor collections can be cleaned using a steam mop. Don’t try that with hardwood or vinyl.
  • Laminate floors are typically more affordable than luxury vinyl flooring.
  • Many of the laminate collections you’ll find in our Oakland Park, FL showroom are made in the USA


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When To Consider Laminate Flooring For Homeowners In Wilton Manors, FL

The flooring of a home is one of its defining features. Hardwood flooring remains one of the most popular options, as it is a naturally inviting, beautiful and timeless material. While older, more traditional homes often have the original hardwood floors still in place, many newer homes are using waterproof laminate floors for a variety of reasons.

Today’s laminate floors look amazing. It’s often difficult to tell the difference between a hardwood and laminate floor until you bend over and touch it. Tremendous advances in printing technology and the stunning texture of laminate planks have made that possible.

In addition to amazing visuals, laminate floors check off all the boxes for the features Wilton Manors, FL homeowners desire such as durability, resistance to stains, fading and denting and their waterproof properties.

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Have you visited our Special Offer page to see what laminate floors are on sale? You’ll also find valuable information about laminate floors at our Flooring 101 page.

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