Things to Consider When Buying New Flooring in South Florida

Things to Consider When Buying New Flooring in South Florida

When going through the process of purchasing?new flooring for your home, considering certain points at the beginning can dramatically help you avoid mistakes and increase your satisfaction in the end. So, to give you guidance, Quantum Floors has put together a list of things to consider to help you assess your flooring needs and narrow down the options the right way.

Consider Your Flooring Budget
Calculate your budget. Home renovations can be expensive, and while you can cut corners on costs in some places, one place you shouldn?t cut is the quality of flooring and the process of professional installation.

Some flooring options are more expensive than others, especially high-quality options. However, going for high-quality and durable flooring will stand the test of time. Yes, you might have to spend more money upfront, but it?ll save you money in the long run. Besides, if you were to go with a cheaper flooring option, that isn?t as durable, it would actually cost you more to repair or replace it quicker than you planned. Read more on creating a flooring budget here.?

Professional Installation and Installation Costs
As important as choosing quality flooring is, it?s also crucial that you hire reliable and professional installers. You want your floors installed properly, so?it?s worth paying?for quality installers. They have the knowledge, experience and tools to properly prepare your subfloor to help stabilize the new flooring they will install. All of this will make your flooring last a very long time.?

Of course, hiring professional installers adds additional costs; along with the cost of the?new flooring material, you?need to account for the cost of delivery and installation, as well as the removal and?disposal of your previous flooring. Don?t forget to factor in any additional materials such as transition moldings, baseboards, or adhesives and underlayments, to name a few. These are all things that will come up during your shopping process, but it?s important to keep it in mind when planning your budget.?

Choose Flooring That Matches Your Lifestyle
Try not to choose a floor simply because it looks good. Be sure it fits your lifestyle. Some flooring choices are better suited than others. Think about whether the room is a high-traffic area, or even if there are or will be kids or pets in the home. For example, luxury vinyl and laminate are great flooring choices for kids and/or pets as they?re durable, as well as stain and scratch resistant.

Besides your lifestyle, factors like humidity, moisture and traffic level are important things to keep in mind when shopping for floors. Knowing your room?s environment can help narrow down options and avoid potential problems after?your new flooring has been installed.

Think about how the new flooring will complement your current overall interior style and decor. Unless you plan on redecorating the entire room, you?ll want to choose floors that complement the furniture and accessories you have now. A helpful tip when shopping is to take pictures of your space and bring them with you to help narrow down your choices.

The Quantum Floors Experience
At Quantum Floors, we want to make sure you?re happy from your first step in our showrooms? to your first step on your new flooring?and as your partner in home design, we?ll be there every step along the way.?

Our flooring experts are equipped with the knowledge to guide you through the wide selection of products we offer, and our expert, in-house installation teams are professionally trained to make sure everything gets installed the way you envision. We know your home is an expression of your sense of style, and we?re here to make sure you?ll be proud of it for years to come.

Need some more information to aid you in your decision? Visit our comprehensive FAQ pages and then head on over to our Flooring 101 page for even more of an education.?