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What Flooring Do Victoria Park, FL Residents Install When Hardwood Isn’t Feasible?

Hardwood flooring is beautiful and timeless but it isn’t the best flooring solution in ‘wet’ rooms such as bathrooms, mud rooms, laundry rooms and rooms adjacent to an outdoor pool. So, what do discriminating Victoria Park, FL homeowners do in these circumstances?

They install high-quality, modern, waterproof laminate floors. Yes, we said, high-quality, modern, waterproof laminate floors. If you haven’t seen today’s modern laminate floors, you’re missing out on one of the overall best values in flooring, not to mention feature rich.

Why Are Modern Laminate Floors So Good?

Today’s modern laminate flooring has all the features Victoria Park, FL homeowners are looking for. Let’s start with the visuals. Laminate floors look amazing. Modern printing techniques have allowed high-quality laminate vendors like Mohawk RevWood, Quick-Step and Pergo, to offer a wood-look product that’s nearly indistinguishable from real hardwood. Many of the newer laminate floors look so real, you won’t know it’s not a hardwood floor without bending down to touch it. You’ll also find desirable hardwood floor type features in quality laminate floors like wide and long planks and textured finishes.

When you compare laminate floors to other hard surface floor coverings such as luxury vinyl or hardwood, you’ll find laminate floors have lots of features and a more budget-friendly cost. Take scratch resistance as an example. Hardwood or vinyl floors can’t hold a candle to laminate wood floors when it comes to scratching. This is especially important for those Victoria Park, FL homes with children, pets or high-traffic areas. In fact, laminate floors are as much as 6 times more scratch-resistant than luxury vinyl floors.

When we say laminate floors are durable, we mean a lot more than scratch-resistance. High end laminate floors are dent resistant, fade resistant and stain resistant. Laminate floors also carry a durability rating called an AC rating. Laminate floors with an AC rating of AC4 and AC5 are the recommended choice.

Laminate floors are also waterproof or water-resistant so they are an ideal floor covering for areas that get wet and where you’d never install hardwood.


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Laminate Flooring Is Budget-friendly

When showroom visitors from Victoria Park, FL come into our Oakland Park, FL showroom, they are often pleasantly surprised at how budget-friendly high-end laminate floors are.

Since early 2020, the price of many floor coverings has skyrocketed. Hardwood floors are up a bit while luxury vinyl floor prices have skyrocketed due to the pandemic, shipping costs as most are made overseas and labor shortages.

While some of these issues affected laminate floor manufacturers, laminate floors are still highly affordable.

Victoria Park Laminate available in Boynton Beach, FL from Quantum Floors

Quantum Floors Has Hundreds Of Laminate Floor Samples To Choose From

Not only does Quantum Floors have one of the largest selection of laminates, you’ll find them displayed in a manner like no other store. Our samples are large and really give you a feel for what the floor looks like, including its marks, knots and color variations. We welcome you to take them home so you can see how the color meshes with your décor, paint and lighting.

From our showroom in Oakland Park, we serve homeowners from Victoria Park, FL as well as surrounding areas such as Las Olas Isles, Seven Isles, Harbor Beach and Lauderdale Harbors. If you’re not in the Fort Lauderdale area, we have 4 other South Florida showrooms. In addition to waterproof laminates, you’ll find a large, hand-selected selection of hardwood and luxury vinyl flooring.